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Pappa Armbrust

As we’re approaching the end of the Sen no Kiseki quadrology, we’ve learnt pretty much all there is to learn about Class VII’s members and their families. We know about the unfortunate deaths or convoluted circumstances of many of their family members. What about Crow’s parents? Are they really just ‘dead’? Continue reading Pappa Armbrust

The Eyes Have It

After being devastated upon the ending of Sen no Kiseki III, I had to stop and take a step back to disengage and get myself together again. Somehow, it seems to help to look at things with a bigger scope than I would have as disaster was happening one after another.

In the process, I came across something that has been around for quite awhile in the series- a pattern that’s been seeded since First Chapter came out.

This theory will cross over much of the entire series- as a result, there will be tags across all the games.

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Erebonia’s Black History, Volume 2

In Erebonia, the present continues to be haunted by the past. Shocking events repeat themselves beyond memories of citizens. The Black Records records these forgotten moments of history. In addition to the previously published five volumes in Trails of Cold Steel II, Sen no Kiseki III introduces seven more, each intriguing in its own way.

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Dreichels Once Again

Unlike my Wald prediction, this one should be short and sweet, but I feel it is necessary to post it so that I have it time stamped before Sen no Kiseki III comes out this week.

I believe that we’ll see a repeat of the chain of events for Dreichels in a strangely similar fashion, as time seems to be interested in repeating itself.

But while similar events are happening, they are not exactly the same. Click the cut to find out more detail on this idea.

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