And Here’s To You, Mrs. Arseid: A Second Attempt

There is one woman throughout the entire Sen series that has been eerily absent. She has been the subject of an earlier theory of mine, but Sen no Kiseki III rendered it fairly impossible to work out — either that, or they missed out on some great opportunities to reveal it. Assuming it was broken, I would like to make another attempt: Mother of Laura S. Arseid, where art thou?

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The Eyes Have It

After being devastated upon the ending of Sen no Kiseki III, I had to stop and take a step back to disengage and get myself together again. Somehow, it seems to help to look at things with a bigger scope than I would have as disaster was happening one after another.

In the process, I came across something that has been around for quite awhile in the series- a pattern that’s been seeded since First Chapter came out.

This theory will cross over much of the entire series- as a result, there will be tags across all the games.

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