[User Submitted Question] About Gaius’ First Appearance in Sen3…

Submitted by xsweetkyandi, answered by omgfloofy

This is something that has been bugging me for awhile now, and due to my very limited knowledge of Japanese (specifically writing, I can understand a decent amount verbally)…I never actually found out if the game explained this one scene or not;

Hello! This is an interesting question that was submitted, especially because while discussing stuff on this exactly with Yotaka, I had logged into the site and found it. Let me see what I can come up with from it.

WARNING: There are major spoilers for Sen no Kiseki III in this post behind the cut!

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To Trust a Dominion

Over the course of the series, we’ve seen- even to the ones that have good qualities without a doubt- that the Dominion are not very likely to tell the whole truth in many situations.

So when we’re given information from one that seems to have issues with it, why do we accept it without question?

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[Administration] More Headers and Broken Comments

There has been a little bit in the way of work on the backend of things of the site.

More Headers

I’ve finally added some new heroes to the rotating banner across the top of the page. These include some Sen no Kiseki III (finally), a couple of Sen no Kiseki IV, and a few others from other parts of the series as I felt the need to add them in while working on the others.

As a result, the site has gone up from 30 headers in the rotating cycles to 47.

Broken Comments

I’ve been dealing with an issue related to the commenting system being broken. As a result, this may end up with a small overhaul on this part of the system. I will keep people posted with any updates in that area as well.

I will be including both of these updates in the site changelog. Which sorely needs updating anyway….