About esterior.net

esterior.net is the domain made up of a variety of Falcom related websites created by Kirsten Miller. For more information on the websites, read the site profiles below. All of the sites on this domain are somehow connected to Falcom and their games. For more information on them, check out the list of sites below.

esterior.net is hosted by Sandwich.net. You can find out more information on the service there. If you are experiencing technical issues regarding any sites located on esterior.net, please contact Kirsten Miller via twitter (@omgfloofy) or email, at [email protected].

Disclaimer: This page can be found on every site that is hosted on the domain.

Endless History


The ‘home base’ of all the sites located on this domain. Endless History is a blog site dedicated to translating and relaying news related to Nihon Falcom. This site was launched in July 2009, and is still going strong.

As of August 2017, Endless History is nearing 1500 posts, with a variety of topics and translations, along with features like Translation Tuesday and Fandom Friday.

Delicious Crack no Kiseki


Delicious Crack no Kiseki, or ‘Kiseki Crack,’ is a site dedicated to the wild and crazy theories held by fans in the Trails/Kiseki community. As the series is constantly full of new mysteries and puzzles to solve, many people like to come up with their theories and ideas of what will happen and what the resolutions will be. Some are more ‘crackpot’ than others, with little evidence, then some are really good, solid predictions for what is to come in the series.

This site allows user submissions as well.

The Geofront


The Geofront is the hub website for the Zero no Kiseki fan translation project. When the translation is complete and patches are ready to go, they will be deployed there. Other details such as a place to ask questions, and where updates on the patch’s progress can be found on this site as well.



The ‘new home’ for Eidenyaku. The site, once hosted on its own domain, has not seen any updates in quite some time, so it has been pulled back and added under the umbrella of esterior.net to provide a hosting place for any projects that were made under the name, since the domain itself has been shuttered, to cut back on costs.