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Welcome  User Submission Page!

To use this system, you will need to register an account with the site to be able to submit a post (all it requires is a username and email address). This way, your username will be shown when a person looks at the post, instead of mine, or whoever else wrote the submitted entry in your stead. (Please note, that the username system is not integrated with Endless History or Geofront. These are individual user accounts. This may change in the future, though!)

Because of the login information, your username and email address are already in the system and not needed for the submission form itself- so they do not display on the form.

Simple HTML can be used on the ‘text’ tab of the form. If you have worked with WordPress before, you may recognize the form itself, even. On ‘Visual,’ you can switch to a Real Text function and create dynamic headers and all with your submission.

For submitted questions, we may change the formatting of your entry, to fit the needs of our general question formatting. You may also see some additional formatting changes to the post as well.

While there is currently no allowance for images to be uploaded from the form, we do require a featured image (the image on the header of an article) for each post. If you do not submit one yourself (with a link via imgur or other image hosting site- we will upload the image to the site ourselves), we will find one for the site.

Feel free to insert links to other images, as well. These will also be updated and inserted into the post properly.

Submitting a Theory

When submitting a theory, please make sure you write a summary of it with as few spoilers as possible. Once complete, feel free to ‘go to town’ with the rest of it below said summary. If you have images to support your theory, please provide links in the form as well. I can add them into the article.

You will, of course, receive credit for the theory! And thanks to this site, it will be time stamped so that you will know when you submitted it and have bragging rights if/when it is revealed as being true!

To make sure your post is recognized as a theory, please select ‘Submitted Theory’ from the category drop down on the submission form.

Do you want to make your theory posted quicker?

All entries require at least a featured image. To make life a little easier with the activity of submissions that have been coming about here, please upload any images you want to imgur. This will make the posts significantly easier to put together.

If you want something special in the post, please provide it along with your theory!

Review Process

After a submitting a theory, one or more of the editors will review it for language quality, argument soundness, and uniqueness. If the submission is weak in one of those areas, the editor may reach out to you asking for a revision. At the end of the day, this is still a crack theory website. The bar for approval is not very high.

All the editors are volunteers so give us at least a month before reaching out to us to inquire on the status of your submission.

Asking a Question

Do you have a burning question for something you may have missed, or a detail you desperately want to know, but haven’t been able to find?

Inspired by the ‘Ask Us Kiseki’ thread on XSEED Games, this will allow us to have a place to be able to answer your questions. Depending on the complexity of the question, some may take longer than others to answer.

To make your post seen as a question, select ‘User Submitted Questions’ from the category drop down on the submission form.

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