Site Changelog and Current Site Projects

One of my rules of any of my site development is to be as transparent and open to any and all work that is done for the site. In this case, as this will have a very public activity to it, I’ve chosen to reveal all of my changelogs and any current projects for the site here.

While my ability to fund any premium updates to this site is very limited at this point, I’m giving people the opportunity to take a part in the site’s development, and will reveal any sort of funding options for any major projects that require money to them. If you wish to participate in this project, please make sure you only use the link I create on this page. Once the funding is completed, I will remove the link from the page.

If it is desired, when the project is completed, if funding was required, I will provide details to it here, and give credit to those who pitched in. This site is meant to be a fun one for the community, and any who have decided to have a say in its direction should receive a pat on the back as well.

If funding is not achieved on a project that needs it, it will be held to the side until the time comes that I can fund it myself. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not being done at all, though.

Current Projects

  • 1. Related Posts by Author

    Status: Research Phase
    Funding Required: Undetermined

    Details: Plans to implement a secondary ‘related posts’ addition to individual post pages, to display posts that were submitted/written by the author in particular. Planning and research still being conducted for this addition.

  • 2. Submission Notification

    Status: Research Phase
    Funding Required: Undetermined

    Details: Plans to implement a notification system. When a post made from a user submission is posted, the user will be notified by email that it has gone live. Research still being conducted towards this concept.
    – A plugin to allow this has been located. Investigating.

  • 3. Kiseki Crack Twitter Account

    Status: Early Phases – Account Creation and Setup
    Funding Required: No.

    Details: Account created to hold name, ‘@kisekicrack’ on twitter, along with a gmail account to be paired with it. Time to begin setup for the account. Potentially implementing a plugin to allow all editors access to the twitter account from the site dashboard.

Projects on Hold

  • 1. Spoiler Filtering System

    Status: ON HOLD
    Funding Required: No.
    Amount: n/a
    Reason: Filtering plugin is a premium plugin. However, this plugin doesn’t have the capabilities necessary for intended use.

    Details: This plugin allows for an exclusionary filter to be added to the site’s tagging system. This is the planned endgame of the site’s taxonomy structure, regarding its tags. A sidebar tool will then be created to allow readers to remove posts containing the selected game, as a means to filter out spoilers from that specific title, and allow them to browse the site without checking every post’s tags in order to dodge spoilers.

    Comp(s) for Added Function: (Text might not reflect final results.)

Completed Projects

  • Restyling Blockquotes

    Status: RESOLVED. Use Shortcodes ultimate code for quotes instead.
    Funding Required: Undetermined, but Unlikely

    Details: The current blockquotes are plain, and need to be styled slightly to make them a little more reader friendly, yet remain separated and obvious as quotes in particular.

  • Editor Level Capability Modifications

    Status: Investigation
    Funding Required: No.

    Details: Investigating an issue involving editor level access. May need to utilize a specialized plugin to fix issues involving this.