What Is This Site?

Where did you get this crazy idea?

This site was created with the intention of having a place for a handful of us drop our theories regarding the Trails/Kiseki series into a bucket and have them kind of ‘time/datestamped’ for bragging rights if they are ever proven true, or where we can mark these crack theories if they are proven wrong.

Isn’t this a really spoilery website?

Sadly, yes. It will be hard to avoid spoilers on this site, but as more games come out, there will be more and more people coming up with their own guesses and theories for things that happen in the games.

To try and mitigate the spoilers, all of the articles will be cut with a majority of the text tucked away behind it, and specific games tagged as well. You will be able to search by game, but it’ll be hard to hide spoilers otherwise here.

So, what is a crack theory anyway?

This site is based entirely on concepts of crack theories. These wild and crazy, crack pot theories that often times have little to no basis in reality, or may not have any evidence behind them. They are straight up, pure and raw speculation.

That’s what comments are for, too!

You think you have a way to break a theory? Please do! Do you have ideas that may support a theory? Let us know! The comment sections of each of the posts are there, just for that reason. Feel free to drop evidence, or even just discuss a theory you see. That’s why we have this in a blog format.

Just please play nice. You know the whole routine, no attacking people, and try not to let it be too heated or nasty between each other, but we’re all nerds here, so I think everyone can/will manage.


What’s this about Asking a Question?

With the theories, I’ve taken the opportunity to allow readers to drop suggestions for theories as well. When you select the option to allow you to offer a theory, you can also ask a question. This is inspired by the ‘Ask of Kiseki’ thread on the XSEED forums. Feel free to take the ‘ask a question’ option and post it. Then keep an eye open for this site to find out if your question gets answered.

Where is the Menu?

When you enter the site with the blog roll, you’ll see the menu on the sidebar. For the time being, please use the options at the menu on the top until you get past the spoiler notice page.