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Awaken O’ Great Evil

Falcom is pretty consistent with their theater-esque parallel two-act structure they like to use in kiseki games. At the end of every first ‘act’, Falcom introduces some concept or jargon that is relatively meaningless to the main conflict of that act, but will be important in the sequel. This is usually related to the Sept-Terrion of the arc i.e. the barrier system for the Aureole or the rivalry and stage needed to reform the Great One. In Kuro no Kiseki, this is the 5 Demon Lords which lead the 77 Devils. 

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Who the Hell is Gray Arnold

One of the Hallmarks of the Trails series of video games is its diverse and dynamic cast of NPCs that help the world feel vibrant and alive. Kuro no Kiseki is no exception to this rule with plenty of interesting and charming NPCs such as the eccentric taco stand girl, the train man, or the bathhouse investment consultant. Most of the time, this dialog is relatively meaningless in the grand scheme, but occasionally there will be characters that seem to be more than they initially let on. 

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