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Land of Lies, World of Nothing

Sooooooooo, I was in the process of drafting another theory post-Kuro 2 (and actually shared a early draft of it over discord), but was never very happy with it because it felt like two separate theories mashed together that didn’t mesh well together. It also didn’t really have any predictions beyond adding  additional conditions or rules to my earlier theory post-Kuro 1 (Devils, Death, and Lost Time). 

But now things have changed. We  had the first teaser trailer showing off outer space, Gundam mech battles, and Van sitting on what appears to be either the moon or a giant meteor. We then had a second trailer hinting at the return of picnic squad (officially), Rean and his closeted gay lover Crow, KEVIN. This was on-top of Hamilton giving the first true hint that Zemuria is stuck in an eternal recurrence loop and, of course, everything about Hermes is a black box. Armed with a bunch of other theories and reddit posts, it’s time to get cooking. 

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