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The Eyes Have It

After being devastated upon the ending of Sen no Kiseki III, I had to stop and take a step back to disengage and get myself together again. Somehow, it seems to help to look at things with a bigger scope than I would have as disaster was happening one after another.

In the process, I came across something that has been around for quite awhile in the series- a pattern that’s been seeded since First Chapter came out.

This theory will cross over much of the entire series- as a result, there will be tags across all the games.

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Wald Wales: Beyond Ao no Kiseki

This started from something I was 100% convinced to be complete lunacy. It was to the point that I wasn’t entirely willing to even bring it up to anyone because of how ridiculous it sounded. However, I eventually talked it out with Guan, and in our attempts to break the theory, we kept finding more things to even add to it.

It was frustrating!

However, at this point, with everything else in mind, I feel that I can put this theory out, and state that Falcom has been hiding something big under our noses this whole time.

There are, of course, endgame spoilers for the entire Crossbell duology in this theory. Be warned! (There is also a Cold Steel 2 spoiler in here, because it involves a topic that’s difficult to talk about without referencing others related to the topic.)

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Is Rufina’s Importance Only Relevant to 3rd?

This is an observation that was made quite some time ago by YagamiKyo. However, due to lack of time on his part, I’ve chosen to post it on here for him, since it’s too good (and important) of an observation to not include on this website.

Please note, there are major endgame spoilers for Ao no Kiseki in this observation, which will spoil all of the Crossbell duology. Thus it has been tagged with both Zero and Ao no Kiseki.

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