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Some theories have many pieces to them. This is for those where some parts, but not all, of the theory in particular are proven correct.

Acta Est Fabula

Loosely translated as “Game over”, Acta Est Fabula is the latest and – weighing in at almost 3000 words – longest theory submitted by Aliseyun. An overarching theory encompassing the major aspects of Erebonian lore, ranging from the Witches and Gnomes, Zoro-Agruga and the Divine Knights, and of course that mysterious Great Power. 

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Two down, five to go: the remaining Sept-Terrion

“Other Illustrations”, Crossbell Archives. p. 307. Click to enlarge.

Theory is mostly broken, but one part has been proven thanks to Sen no Kiseki III. Details of the break/proven are behind the cut, due to spoilers.

As of Sen II, players have dealt with two of them, know the location of two other, and have three more to look forward to. A brief theory regarding the unrevealed Sept-Terrion. Continue reading Two down, five to go: the remaining Sept-Terrion