Floofy’s Sen no Kiseki IV Predictions

As per tradition, we’re all dropping in our predictions, our wishes, etc etc for what will come about with the undoubtedly epic ending to the long-running Erebonia arc.

Remember, these are, of course, going to be delving into not only Sen III spoilers, but probably series spoilers due to the nature of this particular game.


Prediction 1

I think that Eugent will die and that Cedric will eventually be determined to be ‘not fit to rule’ due to events in Sen no Kiseki IV. I think that Olivert is alive and he will have to reluctantly step up to take the throne.

I’ve seen Olivert as a parallel to Dreichels since Sen no Kiseki II. I know many have seen Rean for this, but I personally feel that Olivert is the correct one to look at for the parallel.

Much like with the Sky trilogy, we got to directly see the rise of Liberl’s future monarch with Klose/Kloe. We have seen her play this role in political events in both the Crossbell Arcs, and from what we’ve seen in pre-release screenshots of Sen no Kiseki IV.

While Kloe’s presence will most likely have a bigger impact on a particular Ironblood, I’m pretty sure that she is also serving as a reminder of what we have seen before, and over the course of all of the Kiseki games, we have seen the rise of Erebonia’s new leader.

Prediction 2

The curse will be eradicated.

However, as a draw backback, Rean will also lose both his ogre power and access to Valimar. A lot of the Erebonia arc has been, despite these powers from him, focusing on him becoming more proficient and learning to understand the way of the Eight Leaves One Blade style.

Due to this, he will be able to land on his feet once he loses all of the crutches he’s had to stand on, and his experiences through that and the aftermath of it will be what will put him on the path to become the next Divine Blade.

I do not expect that Rean will be a Divine Blade post-Sen IV, but I do expect that we will see him in a future game with that title.

Prediction 3

I have a list of characters that I see dying by the end of Sen no Kiseki IV- the most important ones of this list, however, are both Vita and Arianrhod.

I expect more than one Anguis to be dead by the end of Sen IV, and I expect at least one of them to be replaced – we have seen this with Mariabell replacing Weismann, as an example.

The character I see replacing either one of them is none other than Rufus Albarea himself.

Prediction 4

I do not think that Gaius was 100% truthful about what happened to Barkhorn, either by his own means or without being aware of what has actually happened.

I have written extensively on this topic, though, already, here. Additionally, Yotaka has touched onto more aspects of it in his prediction post as well.

Prediction 5

George has a big ol’ death flag hanging on him. However, I don’t think it’ll actually go off without a few extenuating circumstances happening.

If Angelica is alive, he will probably make it through without an issue. I do not think, however, he will survive if Angelica is actually dead.

Prediction 6

My big prediction is that Falcom’s been setting up for Ein Selnate to make her grand entrance in the Erebonia arc at some point. From the talk about her vs Arianrhod in Ao no Kiseki, to the fact that she’s in Erebonia during Ring of Judgment, the woman mentioning her in the Heimdallr cathedral, Toval bringing up his ‘goddess’ in Sen II, and last but not least- Toval’s fate.

There’s no way, with that last item on the list, that she isn’t going to show up.

If Toval’s alive, there’s a lot less to worry about, but if he’s dead? I have some pity on those who she goes after. Toval’s her toy to abuse, after all. No one else’s.

Prediction 7

Eyes, eyes, and more eyes.

A theory I’ve written is something I’m relatively heavily married to. It’s easier to just link to it here.

Prediction 7

After the development of Sen no Kiseki II, Falcom revealed that they had been working on an idea to create an infinite dungeon that procedurally generated maps and could be run endlessly. This ended up getting trimmed down and turned into the Reverie Corridor that you see in Sen II’s afterward.

I would absolutely love to see it if Falcom managed to pull off their original vision and put it into Sen no Kiseki IV somewhere. The Reverie Corridor was one of my favorite parts of Sen II!

Sen III Observations

I have been replaying Sen no Kiseki III and identifying little things that have started to catch my attention. I think these are things that we will either have answered or something that we should pay attention to prior to Sen no Kiseki IV to be better prepared for surprises coming up.

Pixelation / Transparency Effect

Kondo stated in an interview that this effect that we see on Zektor in Chapter 1 is important. Ordine also has it when it appears in chapter 2. But the pattern breaks when the Aion unit in chapter 3 appears with it, implying that this isn’t specifically a divine knight thing.

What really breaks it, however, is the three spies from Calvard in chapter 4’s opening having it, too.

“Because of that, I…”

Because of that, you what, Cedric??

When talking about how he didn’t want to see people harmed due to being weak again, he followed it up with this- but never had the opportunity to finish.

Wish List

These are things that I’ve found myself wanting to see in the Kiseki series. Maybe we will have the opportunity to see them before Sen no Kiseki IV comes to a close.

The Rise of a Dominion

While we have learned the backstories of Kevin and Wazy in previous games that talk about how their stigmas manifested, we have never seen the rise of a Dominion first hand, and we have never had a better chance than we do with Gaius.

I want to see more about the training of a newfound Dominion after the discovery of their stigma. I want to see more about what they go through- especially as we see that a lot of learning on these has to do with them gaining an understanding of their own capabilities.

Also, as we know Gaius is still learning to use his stigma as of Sen III, I want to see more of the struggle he’s experiencing himself. I suspect that this will be a big part of the topic of his bond events in Sen IV, especially as Kondo has said that more individual character growth will be contained to them this time around.

The Evolution of Battle

I brought up Rean losing Valimar and his ogre power earlier. But wouldn’t it be an interesting fight if we can’t use either of them at the very, very end?

Complete the Roster of Protagonists

As we have Estelle and Lloyd showing up in Sen IV, it would be spectacular for the one other protagonist who is currently missing to show himself as well. The only reason this isn’t going as far as being a ‘prediction’ is because I’m pretty convinced that Kevin (and by extension, Ries) are currently working in Calvard- and there’s no question that Calvard is going through its own shit. Especially as Erebonia is breathing down its neck like this.

Bonus! Replay Notes!

During my recent replay of Sen no Kiseki III, I took a pretty extensive list of notes based on things I didn’t notice before, or forgot had happened. During my stream of the end, I did promise that I would share these notes at some point.

As a note, please don’t take these as 100%. Some of them may be on comments that were answered later and I didn’t always update the notes (some I did), or they may be in something I just didn’t have the time to look up and verify later.

Think of them as the ‘huh’ thoughts that I had while playing the game.

Chapter 1

  • Thors II Dorm has 4 empty rooms on the teacher’s level. (Taken up by the following: Mint, Celestan, Linde, and Becky.)
  • oh yeah. Ash and Lechter were talking when Rean and Altina brought Millium to the station.
  • We don’t know what Aurelia is doing when she doesn’t go on the special assignment with everyone.
  • What is Claire’s mission for Osborne in Saint Arkh?
  • Michael’s intel div backup at the train scene?
  • RMP can’t mobilize after the Derrflinger was attacked? Something happening in east Erebonia? What was it?
  • What are the main forces of the Red Constellation doing currently, if they’re not in the empire?
  • Branch School stuff after the attack was the decision of the imperial administration. what for?
  • Duvalie’s home was a village that was destroyed like Hamel?
  • The affect on the Zektor is almost pixelated?

Chapter 2

  • Gideon and Lughman professors at the same university?
  • At one point when talking to Rean, after saying how he doesn’t want anyone to be harmed by his weakness, he says, “…because of that, I….” – and stops. YOU WHAT, CEDRIC??
  • Does Michael know something else about the SSS? His actions with Tio and Randy about KeA were interesting.
  • What *was* Alberich doing in Crossbell, anyway? (Probably investigating the pleromas?)
  • Emma and Celine can help unstable spiritual power- added that this was similar to what’s done to help Rean. Meaning, they could stablize something else, too.
  • Did Ash sense McBurn too, or something?
  • Olivier’s senses at the Tower of Stargaze. Emma asks if it’s part of the old bloodline, and he says he doesn’t know how to use it.
  • Who was McBurn hoping would show up to the Tower of Stargaze?
  • Since Ordine had the same affect as what was seen on Zektor, then it couldn’t be caused by Zektor being destroyed.
  • “failed to stop” – was this referring to what happened in the castle in CS2?
  • killed the ‘sprouting’ of the pleromas? What was that? What was Vita doing in Crossbell?
  • Random thought: could ‘riser’ somehow be related to ‘arise o youth?’ (weird and potentially silly, since it’s using Japanese and English terminology.)
  • Towa’s met Elie too.

Chapter 3

  • The Aion unit has the same pixelized effect on it that both Zektor and Ordine had. What is this?
  • Michael wondering about Ash being connected to the intel div when getting transferred to Class VII.
  • Maybe Jessica/Zessica will be playable at some point in Sen IV? (later reminded that this is seen in the demo movie.)
  • Rean didn’t tell Towa, George, or Elise about his relationship with Osborne? (It certainly doesn’t matter with George, since he probably knows anyway. The bastard.)
  • Ash doesn’t know, but he’s definitely putting it all together.

  • “From the north” – is knowing more on this about Osborne important?
  • Rean and Ash have the same eye color?
  • Schera was already in Heimdallr at this point. She helped Frankie and it inspired him to want to be a bracer.
  • If you take on Machias’ bond event in the game, he provides info on Kleist that you learn later on in the chapter. Nice work.
  • Musse totally aware of Rean watching her? Shows her true aim in the bonding event after he leaves.
  • Ash’s polearm was custom made? Is this going to be important?
  • Rean losing control of his power- is the timing more than a little convenient in relation to everything else happening as well?
  • Something about Emma’s mother dying. Could this be somethign to note?
  • Could there be another purpose to Juno since it was built in the dark ages?
  • Did Jusis suspect Musse? He seemed to.
  • Should we be wondering about the woman who raised Ash? How did she get him? (* He was 3 or 4 when she got him. / How did she die? –tumor. / It was six years ago. 1198? 1199?
  • Nidhogg is a legend from western Zemuria?
  • Sara knows Ash from a guild mission. What mission?
  • “A lot happened. particularly in the east.” – what, Angelica? (Talking about her continental ride.)
  • Altina’s headaches on Brionia Island? – the mana being consumed by the Aion unit maybe? (but it didn’t happen at the Tower of Stargaze?)
  • Roselia points out how he’s seeing memories of other things tied to this sort of thing. Why is that?
  • Musse knowing to not underestimate Ennea’s bow.
  • Arianrhod – steel? Does this have a certain meaning to it?
  • Fie is on another mission and couldn’t come to Lamarre.
  • What exactly are the intel div using Ash for.
  • Lechter: “I have a bad feeling about tomorrow” the night before the attack on Ordis.
  • Wallace: “Just like that person said,” – was ‘that person’ Musse?
  • Arianrhod’s ‘that day 250 years ago.’ – I suppose we’re going to learn about that, too.

Chapter 4

  • The Calvard spies had the same affect- the pixelated affect- when they used the LAMDA orbments???
  • Priscilla is unhappy with Osborne.
  • Roran Vander was never mentioned in the other Sen games, but brought up as Dreichels close ally. Twin sword style user, too. Important?
  • What if there’s some sort of chekov’s gun thing going on with the artifact from the quest in Heimdallr? (They did that with the cane in FC/SC, afterall.)
  • Emma talked about how a failed resurrection ritual brings about a Nosferatu. We have seen multiple in the series- especially the scene with the Calvard special forces unit in the catacombs.
  • Settle a debt? What is this about Roselia?
  • Was Osborne somehow involved in Olivier’s mother’s death??? What was that bit from Priscilla at the party? We know a noble had her killed, but how did that have her look at Osborne?
  • Interesting how they repeat Rean asking, “Are you sure it’s okay for me to know this story?” and “Most people know it already.” between Priscilla and Eugent.
  • “‘Something’ that twists madness into the hearts of men.”
  • When Olaf was talking about the attack on Osborne’s home, he said that a corpse was found and that Osborne couldn’t find his son. But later, Osborne says that Kasia begged for him to save Rean’s life. Conflicting information? Does this mean that the corpse Olaf mentioned was Rean and not Kasia?
  • We were told he found Kasia dead, but Osborne himself said that Kasia wanted him to save Rean’s life. Does this mean that the corpse that Olaf brings up is not Kasia, but Rean? Did Kasia die after that? What happened there? Conflicting information! 🙁

Final Chapter

  • Altina being called to the emergency meeting. We know something happened to her, but did they do something to the other Ironbloods, too?
  • KeA in stream chat pointed out how Weissmann had been researching the stigmas of the Septian Church and was handing the information to the Ouroboros. And Weissmann had used it to control Joshua. What if Alberich is using Weissmann’s research on the Ironbloods for Osborne? Was Millium affected? Did the link to Class VII help break it for her?
  • White cat in Himmel Cemetary watching the city? (probably not important, but funny to note.) #KisekiParanoia
  • “The same doctor that treated Sharon” is treating the emperor. That’s Prof. Seyland isn’t it?

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