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On the Septerrions from Erebonia

Do Lost Zem and Arc Rouge have some power by themselves or they are only two titans who fight each other?

I mean, in a world where Septerrion with great powers like Aureole and Demiourgos, two elemental giants (do they have control over elements, even?) feel… weak, to the point they have to unite to make Steel.

On a less serious note, what are the odds there is a fusion of wind and water Septerrions make a great power named “Cold” and Cold Steel is actually a clever joke from Kondo?


(Sorry for the english, is not my mother language)

It’s okay! I fully picked up what you meant with your question, even if English isn’t your native language. Your meaning was still conveyed.

We know very little about their individual powers, as of Sen no Kiseki III. I suspect that these had monstrous powers on their own- thus why, by my opinion, ‘the Great One’ is almost Lovecraftian in its nature to me, as it is the combination of two Sept-Terrion. But what we do know on them is that they were intended to be weapons as the two civilizations they were given to used them to fight against each other- thus probably why they became the titans.

(Though a check with Yotaka has reminded me that the Black Records do point out ‘unrivaled courage’ and ‘unparalleled fortitude’ for the two individual powers.)

I think we’ll start getting more details on what happened, especially as we still know nothing about the sacred beast for the fire treasure, and saw the horrible fate of the earth’s sacred beast in Sen III. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s even possible that the base of these Sept-Terrion’s powers can be seen in the two civilizations that sprung up around it: the witches and the gnomes.

But I can’t say for 100% sure at this point. We should have this answer soon, though, since I suspect Sen no Kiseki IV will have it.

While it’s a ‘less serious note,’ I don’t think ‘Cold’ is considered at all in the wind and water Sept-Terrions, since that part of the title is the English language title. Kondo has confirmed that they almost used ‘hagane’ (steel) instead of ‘sen’ in their title, per comments from Hatsuu, though. The phrase ‘cold steel’ is usually in reference to a blade in use.

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