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The Fourth Anguis

Sen no Kiseki IV‘s collectable book series is called Three and Nine. It’s partially foreshadowing and world-building Calvard, it’s also partially filling in the blanks on aspects the main game couldn’t address. I tweeted that I found it the most fascinating book since Carnelia and here is why: I think it details the Fourth Anguis.

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Awaken Aurum: Alternative

Almost ten months have passed since the long-awaited Sen no Kiseki III hit Japanese shelves, but I have yet to formulate my theory based on the conundrum everyone immediately addresses — other than the one whether ‘he’ survived. Unconvinced by any of the theories so far, including my own, I will share my thoughts on the matter. Continue reading Awaken Aurum: Alternative

Pappa Armbrust

As we’re approaching the end of the Sen no Kiseki quadrology, we’ve learnt pretty much all there is to learn about Class VII’s members and their families. We know about the unfortunate deaths or convoluted circumstances of many of their family members. What about Crow’s parents? Are they really just ‘dead’? Continue reading Pappa Armbrust

And Here’s To You, Mrs. Arseid: A Second Attempt

There is one woman throughout the entire Sen series that has been eerily absent. She has been the subject of an earlier theory of mine, but Sen no Kiseki III rendered it fairly impossible to work out — either that, or they missed out on some great opportunities to reveal it. Assuming it was broken, I would like to make another attempt: Mother of Laura S. Arseid, where art thou?

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Erebonia’s Black History, Volume 2

In Erebonia, the present continues to be haunted by the past. Shocking events repeat themselves beyond memories of citizens. The Black Records records these forgotten moments of history. In addition to the previously published five volumes in Trails of Cold Steel II, Sen no Kiseki III introduces seven more, each intriguing in its own way.

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