And Here’s To You, Mrs. Arseid: A Second Attempt

There is one woman throughout the entire Sen series that has been eerily absent. She has been the subject of an earlier theory of mine, but Sen no Kiseki III rendered it fairly impossible to work out — either that, or they missed out on some great opportunities to reveal it. Assuming it was broken, I would like to make another attempt: Mother of Laura S. Arseid, where art thou?

The problem of Laura’s mother — and an opportunity for theorists — is that we know literally nothing about her, apart from that she must have existed at one point in time considering the fact that Laura was born. First I assumed she was killed during the Hundred Days War, then that she was possessed by the spirit of Lianne Sandlot and became Arianrhod, and now this: I think she might be Enforcer No. III, the Golden Butterfly.

Laura has her father’s eye colour and hair colour, leaving us little else to work with in terms of heredity. Although slightly arbitrarily, I admit, the Golden Butterfly’s hair length and style definitely resembles Laura’s.

The Golden Butterfly was a high-ranking member of the Order of the Moonlight Horse, a group of assassins that was steamrolled by Ouroboros in S.1194. She joined Ouroboros as the third Enforcer. Laura was 7 or 8 back then. Considering she was a high-ranked member of the order, she must have been active for a longer time. Long enough for Laura to not remember her mother.

The Golden Butterfly was skilled enough to be selected as one of Ouroboros’ Enforcers. The only three known other Enforcers at that time were Campanella, McBurn and Loewe (coincidentally No. 0, I and II). She might have been a former student or fellow student at the Arseid School for Victor to have fallen in love with, followed by romantic days of passionate duels at the training hall.

One day, however, she left that fine man and her young daughter behind to join the Order, for reasons we can only guess.

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