Aliseyun’s Sen IV Predictions

It’s that time again.

I. Awakener of Gold

As expected I am predicting Ash Carbide to be the seventh awakener. Please see the related theory.

II. Knight’s End

Following the loss of their power source to revive the Great One, the knights will be effectively dead, and just hunks of metal. We will also find out the true nature of their AI’s.

III. Return to Death

Following the death of their knights, those who experience a transient life (Arianrhod, Crow, Rutger, etc) will go back to being dead.

IV. End of the Line

The final dungeon will be the higher plane where the body of the Great One is sealed. All enemy knights and their awakeners will be fought here.

V. Apotheosis

In traditional series fashion, the arc will conclude with a battle against the Sept-Terrion. In this case, it will be the Great One, and it will be controlled by our good friend Alberich.

VI. Maiden’s Successor

Following Arianrhod’s death, the seat of seventh Anguis will be vacant, and it will be filled by Rufus Albarea, who will backstab Alberich in his attempts to “surpass Osborne”.

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