Awaken Aurum

The Seventh Awakener, the answer is right in front of your eyes the whole time.

Renne, Rufus, Olivert, Aurelia, all are possible candidates for the Golden Awakener. But there is one candidate, one who stands above all the rest, and has been right in front of our eyes the whole time.

When reading the Black Records Volume 7, the following line is there…”When the offering makes the old blood flow, the path to the Gral of Erebos shall be opened.”

In S. 1192, the Hamel Tragedy occurred, and for the entire series we are told that only two people survived, Joshua and Loewe. Then in Sen III, we are introduced to a supposed third survivor, Ash Carbide. But wasn’t it odd that neither Loewe or Joshua knew of his survival? Well, that’s because I don’t think he survived.

Edit: We also learn that Ash was rescued by a “disheartened aged man” strolling across the mountain path. Could this have been Osborne? If he had been carrying Rean on his back at the time, it would explain why Rean got flashbacks when he was in Hamel…

Isn’t it quite interesting that Ash, who just happened to be possessed by the curse, happened to be there to kill the Emperor? If he was not there, would Joshua or Loewe had been the one to do it? Or has this prophecy been orchestrated?

When the curse takes over Ash, he bears a striking resemblance to someone else…

Specifically, this appears in Crow’s eye after he has been resurrected at the hands of Alberich. And so what I am proposing is that at a very young age, Ash died during the Hamel Tragedy, and was resurrected by Alberich, before being allowed to go on with his life. The reason Alberich willing to do so, is so that Ash could one day carry out the prophecy spoken of in the Black Records.

Furthermore, if Ash had died at one point, he shares that in common with four of the other six awakeners, with a possible fifth given Osborne’s mysterious past.

And something he would share with all 6 other awakeners, is that he was personally touched by the curse.

As if that wasn’t enough, during the finale of Sen III, Aurelia goes out of her way to rescue Ash from captivity, could this not be because Mildine foresaw his potential to become the final awakener?

Lastly, the Sen IV website says he was rescued from the Weissland Army, so someone does not want him in Mildine’s hands.


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