Dreichels Once Again

Unlike my Wald prediction, this one should be short and sweet, but I feel it is necessary to post it so that I have it time stamped before Sen no Kiseki III comes out this week.

I believe that we’ll see a repeat of the chain of events for Dreichels in a strangely similar fashion, as time seems to be interested in repeating itself.

But while similar events are happening, they are not exactly the same. Click the cut to find out more detail on this idea.

The War of the Lions began in S.947 after the assassination of Crown Prince Manfred. The imperial family fell into chaos as they, thanks to the promiscuity of Emperor Valius V, had different mothers and the battle to decide the true path of succession began.

While the details aren’t that important, what is important is that Prince Dreichels was the one who won out- a prince that did not have a noble mother- and with his victory, he became the 73rd Emperor of Erebonia.

I’ve seen a number of people saying that they see this parallel with Rean, being that- like Dreichels- he is the Awakener for Valimar, and has been a deciding point in the recent civil war. However, I want to argue that I do not see this to be the case.

Instead, I see a large number of parallels with Olivert Reise Arnor to Dreichels. He’s the illegitimate son of Emperor Eugent III, and looking at his conflict with Osborne, it’s clear that something is happening in the royal family- especially as Osborne has gained Eugent’s complete trust.

On top of this, we see that Cedric has undergone a major change somewhere during his medical treatment after being subjected to becoming the Awakener for the cursed Testa-Rossa, and he, too, has become enamored with Osborne. This must be overwhelming for Olivert, seeing all of these supporters in his own family, following someone that he believes will ruin the empire through his methods to achieve reformation.

Before the information on Cedric came out, I was pretty content with him being the crown prince and Olivert playing on the sidelines for political manipulation, but after Cedric’s reveal for the game, I was a little more anxious.

I feel like this may be setting a ‘flag’ of sorts on Cedric that will eventually force him to relinquish his position as Crown Prince in one way or another- the worst, of course, being his death. Considering that Erebonia is a patriarchal nation, run by the Emperor, I do not see Alfin becoming part of the line of succession at all. This means that if Cedric is removed, Olivert will be forced to take the throne himself- making him the more ‘apt’ parallel to Dreichels.

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