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Of the protagonists we’ve had the honour to play with so far, Rean is arguably the most enigmatic one of the bunch. Estelle believes in ul-tra-vi-o-lence and Lloyd in the system of justice. Kevin was a harder nut to crack, but fortunately The 3rd was dedicated to his case. That leaves us with Rean Schwarzer. Call him the awkwardly silent protagonist, harem master or Gary Stu all you want, it is hard to deny that his background is riddled with mysteries.

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An Observation About Michael in Sen no Kiseki III

This isn’t my observation, but something spotted by Laxxus 07 on youtube, regarding an interesting aspect to Michael in Sen no Kiseki III’s information.

This observation lies mostly in Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II, but it does gain a tag for Trails in the Sky FC due to a particular novel series in the game.

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