Bells and Whistles

Bells in Zemuria do a lot of weird things, perhaps there are some patterns they all have in common…

Well let’s start with the obvious location: Crossbell. Crossbell has many bells with mysterious properties, four of them in fact…One in the Sun Fort, one in the Temple of Moon, one in the Stargazer’s Tower, and the final in Michelam. When all four are rung they connect to an alchemical circle in the middle of Crossbell city, as seen during the events of the Azure Zero Project. Crossbell is our first example of bells forming a locus with something else, serving as a catalyst, once again relating to a Sept-Terrion. We know that there are a few bells in Erebonia, so let’s start mapping them out.

The two that immediately come to mind are the Old Schoolhouse and Lohengrin Castle:

Unfortunately, we hit a brick wall here, as we don’t know of any more bells yet. However, we do know of something they all have in common, they have divine knights, so, lets take this trace on top of the really crude scan of the Erebonian map provided by Guan (from the Sen 3 character correlation chart), and begin to map out where the knights were sealed.

Valimar – Trista = Gray
Ordine – Ordis = Blue
Testa-Rossa – Saint-Arkh = Red
Lohengrin Knight – Lohengrin = Purple (Unknown for sure)
Center of Map = Heimdallr = Black

Now I’m going to draw a circle from each point that intersects Heimdallr

So, from this information, what conclusion can we draw? The conclusion that I am drawing is that there is absolutely no pattern formed by the placement of these bells in Erebonia, and that Falcom just placed them all in places that look nice.

And if there is a pattern in Sen III I will personally go and strangle Kondo.

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