Aliseyun’s Sen III Predictions

My previous post was terribly outdated, so I decided to just scrap it and start my predictions from scratch, this time with pictures!

Prediction I: The Identity of the Second Treasure

“The Flame” and “The Moment”, while the Flame pretty clearly refers to fire, moment seems to suggest time, backed up by that time kanji that appeared in a previous advertisement. The claim of it being time is addressed in one of my theories, Eternal Recurrence.

Prediction II: The Knight of Juno

I believe there is a Divine Knight present in the Naval Fortress, Juno. After all, why else would Ouroboros, and their hired Zephyr corps, be so bent on occupying it?

Prediction III: The Aions Return

I think that all three Aions from Ao no Kiseki will return, please check the slider below for my predictions of their new designs!

Prediction IV: Revival of the Dark Dragon

I predict that my worst ene- I mean best friend…Zoro-Agruga will be revived in the flesh! The miasma doesn’t lie after all…

Prediction V: Arianrhod is Sandlot

Is there really any more I need to say on this one?

Prediction VI: Old Heimdallr

I have made it no secret that I want the final dungeon to be Old Heimdallr, the mass grave left by Zoro-Agruga

Prediction VII: Vita’s End

I absolutely adore her but I cannot deny the death flags she has built up

Prediction VIII: The Dead stay Dead

Crow and Rutger will end up dead again by the game’s end.

Prediction IX: Awakener of Gold

Aurelia becomes an awakener, because it’d be awesome.

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