Eternal Recurrence

We’ve always assumed the Time Treasure is in Arteria, but what if we were too quick to make that judgment? A small collection of arguments for the possibility of it being in Erebonia.

Special thanks to Gu4n for giving me the push I needed to come back to and finish this theory.

Broken Theory Notes (added by Aliseyun 10/11/2017)
The two treasures are fire and earth.


When I first got into the fandom, I was convinced that the Two Erebonian treasures were Fire and Time. Shortly after, I was told there was much more pointing towards time being in Arteria. After that, I accepted the theories and dropped all thoughts about time being the second treasure, originally hopping on the idea that it was wind and then later water.

Then recently, out of nowhere, Gu4n asked me “Are we certain that the Time treasure can’t be in Erebonia?” Pointing out that there is a lot of symbolism with “gears” in the Erebonia games, and going further to point out this repeating cycle of Divine Knight clashes.

Then a few days later, it hit me:

“Two Gods, One with Infinite Courage, the other with Infinite Fortitude”

It’s pretty easy to make the connection that Infinite Courage is fire, but as we know, time heals all wounds, so if fire inflicted them, and time healed them, that would satisfy the criteria of them being opposites.

The flames of war ravage the land, and the scars are forgotten with time, then the flames of war appear once more, only to be washed away with the passage of time.

An eternal recurrence spanning the entirety of Erebonian history.

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