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An Observation About Michael in Sen no Kiseki III

This isn’t my observation, but something spotted by Laxxus 07 on youtube, regarding an interesting aspect to Michael in Sen no Kiseki III’s information.

This observation lies mostly in Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II, but it does gain a tag for Trails in the Sky FC due to a particular novel series in the game.

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Is Rufina’s Importance Only Relevant to 3rd?

This is an observation that was made quite some time ago by YagamiKyo. However, due to lack of time on his part, I’ve chosen to post it on here for him, since it’s too good (and important) of an observation to not include on this website.

Please note, there are major endgame spoilers for Ao no Kiseki in this observation, which will spoil all of the Crossbell duology. Thus it has been tagged with both Zero and Ao no Kiseki.

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[Admin] What Happened to the Sen no Kiseki III Tag?

The Sen no Kiseki III Tag

There were about 18 posts on here using the Sen III tag, and in most cases, I think it would be an important thing to hold onto, since we’re talking about Sen III predictions in most of those entries.

However, I have also remembered that the purpose of the tagging system is an attempt to filter out spoilers. Having Sen III in the list defeats the purpose before Sen III comes out. As such, I’ve pulled the tag from the posts. Though the tag will stay in place, it will be used when talking about content that is confirmed in Sen III.

As such, there will be a small rework involving that.

User Submission Changes

I’m fiddling with a backend system to change how user submissions work on the front end of the site. This may take a little bit of time, but I will make another administration post once this part is complete.

User Submission Crediting

Like I’m changing the submission system, I’m also changing how the crediting for user submissions work, too. If you want to be part of this new system, you will need to have an account on the site. You can easily create one via this page. Should things work as planned, any users that submit theories and have accounts will also have their name attributed along with the person who eventually posts the submission.

This will help in the future for if anyone wants to see theories by specific individuals. This may also, eventually, change in the future from the regular visitors, so that they don’t have the utilize the general form submission as well. This will eventually lead into a backend scoring system, which can be used to change your access levels based on the number of theories you have posted.

But for now, most of this stuff is going to be manual. I just need to figure out a way to make it work with less hands on activity with it.

[Submitted Theory] The New Revolutionary

Details on how this theory is broken can be found below the cut.

Submitted by Voidu-kun on 3/14/2017!

One of the questions that have plagued the kiseki fanbase since its reveal has been one of the biggest ones we have so far when it comes to Sen no Kiseki 3/Trails of Cold Steel 3,and that question being this “Who is behind Rean in that teaser image?” One of the many theories was that it was just Rean’s back, but subsequent news has shown us that is not the case as such many have taken to saying that it’s Crow and he will be revived. I’m here to offer my own theory on this matter, and on who I expect our mystery man is.

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[Submitted Theory] Rean Will Be a Soldat Combat Instructor in Sen III

First, I want to make a huge apology regarding this post and my inactivity. This post had been submitted through our inbox on 2/19/2017.

So to add to this in detail:

earthsenshi has submitted a theory stating that Rean will still be with Thors in Sen III, and that he will be a Soldat instructor. See the cut below for more details!

Proven Theory Notes: While Rean is not specifically a Soldat instructor and not at Thors itself, he is most definitely an instructor at the new branch of Thors- Thors II- as revealed by Falcom on 3/9/2017. Close enough to land the ‘proven theory’ tag on this one. Good work, earthsenshi!

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