[Submitted Theory] Rean Will Be a Soldat Combat Instructor in Sen III

First, I want to make a huge apology regarding this post and my inactivity. This post had been submitted through our inbox on 2/19/2017.

So to add to this in detail:

earthsenshi has submitted a theory stating that Rean will still be with Thors in Sen III, and that he will be a Soldat instructor. See the cut below for more details!

Proven Theory Notes: While Rean is not specifically a Soldat instructor and not at Thors itself, he is most definitely an instructor at the new branch of Thors- Thors II- as revealed by Falcom on 3/9/2017. Close enough to land the ‘proven theory’ tag on this one. Good work, earthsenshi!

The Thors administration/board/Osborne went to the trouble of creating a special hanger for Valimar behind the engineering building at the end of CSII. (in addition to having a maintenance crew for him on standby) There was obviously room for more than just Valimar, but I doubt the existence of other Divine Knights is really well-known. What other similar thing can we fill the space with? Soldats. The hanger was specifically labeled “Knight/Soldat Storage Area” in the localized version.

The soldats used during the war were considered to be an important part of any strategy- whether they were being used to attack resisting forces or were the object of an attempt at weakening the Noble Alliance’s forces. While Thors never appeared to have tank operating classes, they still tried to give students access to the newest technology, such as orbal computers, orbal staves, and battle orbments such as the ARCUS. I could see Thors adding basic soldat operation/piloting as a special class or elective for students. And if you’re going to be teaching students about soldat combat, who better than “the hero who saved Erebonia” while piloting a Divine Knight and has relatively more combat experience in that particular field? (This is especially true since, if I recall correctly, soldats were built based on Divine Knights)

Stationing Rean in Trista could also be seen as a strategic idea. He obviously is fond of the town, and the people are fond of him. The capital is close enough that he can visit/report or respond quickly if anything happens there. At the same time, not being directly in the capital is good if anything ever happens to the capital itself. If any forces of Calvard or Crossbell end up overtaking all of the fortresses, gates, and bridges on the eastern half of the Empire, Rean could very well be the capital’s last line of defense.

Rean didn’t seem keen on joining any of the armies. He may or may not eventually join the Ironbloods. If he’s working on commission, a part-time teaching job at one of the few places he really feels at home might be right up his alley.

This would justify Rean being present if Cedric did end up attending Thors and playing a more active role in the plot. Also, this is good if they end up having Rean be a homeroom teacher for a Class VII Mk. 2 (Class VIII?)

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