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Theories that have been disproven by the games.


Of the protagonists we’ve had the honour to play with so far, Rean is arguably the most enigmatic one of the bunch. Estelle believes in ul-tra-vi-o-lence and Lloyd in the system of justice. Kevin was a harder nut to crack, but fortunately The 3rd was dedicated to his case. That leaves us with Rean Schwarzer. Call him the awkwardly silent protagonist, harem master or Gary Stu all you want, it is hard to deny that his background is riddled with mysteries.

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And here’s to you, Mrs. S. Arseid

[Ed. note: This is an oldie – it’s been sitting in the draft for 1.5+ years now – but by popular demand I’ll hit the Publish button.]

Family is an important theme throughout Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II. Amidst that focus, surprisingly little is said about Laura’s mother. Unless she was born out of thin air — or, say, a sword — we can assume that at one point in time Victor S. Arseid had a female partner that gave birth for Laura. Although said woman is mentioned by neither father nor daughter, she might have been present for far longer than we know.

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[Submitted Theory] The New Revolutionary

Details on how this theory is broken can be found below the cut.

Submitted by Voidu-kun on 3/14/2017!

One of the questions that have plagued the kiseki fanbase since its reveal has been one of the biggest ones we have so far when it comes to Sen no Kiseki 3/Trails of Cold Steel 3,and that question being this “Who is behind Rean in that teaser image?” One of the many theories was that it was just Rean’s back, but subsequent news has shown us that is not the case as such many have taken to saying that it’s Crow and he will be revived. I’m here to offer my own theory on this matter, and on who I expect our mystery man is.

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Ein’s Sprite Design Part 2 – How Much Does it Tell Us?

Uhoh, we’re back on this theory again.

This is what happens when you give me time to think about a theory- and in this theory in particular, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, even after posting it. In fact, posting it got me to thinking even more.

Going through this theory does require additional reading, and for that, I point you to the original post I made on this subject.

This starts with a lot of observations to pull together to make the theory. There are definitely spoilers in this for Cold Steel II- especially its NG+ scene. I’m also using some minor info from the Crossbell Games to back this theory.

There are also lots of images behind the cut on this.

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