Ein’s Sprite Design Part 2 – How Much Does it Tell Us?

Uhoh, we’re back on this theory again.

This is what happens when you give me time to think about a theory- and in this theory in particular, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, even after posting it. In fact, posting it got me to thinking even more.

Going through this theory does require additional reading, and for that, I point you to the original post I made on this subject.

This starts with a lot of observations to pull together to make the theory. There are definitely spoilers in this for Cold Steel II- especially its NG+ scene. I’m also using some minor info from the Crossbell Games to back this theory.

There are also lots of images behind the cut on this.

I’ll start with my own observations. I think Ein’s wearing a uniform that has a short skirt, and thigh high black heeled boots. You can see that she has a mantle, rather than a full cape, decorated, and split into two tails.

I’ll start with some annotations on images based on my observations. These images will be a bit blurry, since I enlarged them so that it’s easier to look over them.

  • When you have Ein standing up, it looks as if the uniform she’s wearing is a skirt.

  • In this image of her sprite, you can see that she is wearing a sword of some sort. There is art of Ein with a saber!

Third image:

  • You can see here that this isn’t a full cape. It looks more like a decorated mantle.
  • This image also makes it so that it looks like she has thigh high boots.
  • You can also see that she has decorated cuffs on her sleeves.

Other Artist Interpretations

I reached out to two different artists to confirm what I’ve seen in this design. I asked for them to draw Ein based on her sprite alone, without any additional information based on what has been working in my head for awhile.

I had rules with each of the artists that I picked for this. The primary was that they had to draw from the sprite. I did not give them any details on my theory beforehand in an attempt to prevent their ideas from being ‘colored’ by the theory.

I didn’t want anything too detailed, because I didn’t want too much thought to be put into it. Rough sketches would be the best, because once too much thinking gets in, too much overthinking happens, and that can change the end result.

I wanted the basic idea that each artist saw to ensure that they were seeing what I saw, as well.


The first piece of art comes from @yf_studio:


The second art comes from @littlecuppajo:

This makes me happy seeing the two pieces of art back to back- as an assurance, neither artist had communication with each other, as far as I know, and both did their art based entirely on the sprites that I’ve shown above.

It helps me, in a way, feel that my observations are far more accurate than I’d normally just think. And a neat little perk with having some extra art to go along with it. 😉

What does this tell us?

aka, the theory itself

Map image from kiseki.wikia.com

I think Ein is hiding in one of the Erebonian Provincial Armies. We never get the chance to see her in Cold Steel II, because she’d be in western Erebonia, as I believe she’s in the Sutherland province, due to the colors of her uniform matching those of the marquisdom’s crest.

It’s not uncalled for a Dominion to not only hide undercover doing their work, but we have also seen a Dominion downplay their own strengths to keep themselves from being remarkable.

If Ein is in a provincial army, I suspect she’s an officer rank (thus the look of her uniform), but definitely not a general-level. I’d imagine somewhere in lines with a major. It gives someone some pull in the military, and some of their own freedom, but they do not draw the attention of others like a much higher ranked officer would.

As such, it’s not out of the question that Ein’s pulling a stunt to this degree.

Then there’s the kicker of the reason why I think Ein’s involved in the Provincial Army- there is a female general that we know of that is involved in the army, and if you take into consideration the things I’ve said above and look at her uniform….

Thanks, Aliseyun, for this image! 😀

Aurelia LeGuin has a very similar look to what I’ve called out, wouldn’t you believe? And she’s definitely a high ranking officer.

On top of all of this, we have evidence that Ein not only thinks ahead with her plans, she thinks way ahead of everyone else. To the point that she positions people into places with plans years before she needs them. A good example of this is the friendship between Ries and Elie was planned years in advance for the sheer fact that Ries would have someone with high connections (ie, the mayor’s granddaughter) in case there was a need for someone to infiltrate Crossbell.

I think Thomas may be situated, in a similar manner that Ries and Elie were brought together. To oversee the Thors Military Academy because of what may be there.

Then let’s look back to Barkhorn and his quick check across eastern Erebonia in Cold Steel II. This will confirm that we have at least two Dominion in Erebonia. My theory is that Barkhorn, after doing a quick check on eastern Erebonia, ends up assisting the Imperial military in western Erebonia.


For this reason:

Ein / 1 Provincial Army
Barkhorn / 8 Imperial Army
Thomas / 2 ‘Crimson Wings’

….this situating of the three Dominion will put one in each of the three factions in Erebonia’s Civil War. And I suspect that the ‘third faction’ will end up playing a part in Sen III, and thus the Dominion are prepared to function in that manner, as well.

They can’t act overtly, as Osborne is attempting to block the Graslritter, but the Dominion aren’t unaccustomed to working in places where they’re not welcome.

3 thoughts on “Ein’s Sprite Design Part 2 – How Much Does it Tell Us?”

  1. Wait, I’m not sure I understand? Are you saying Ein is Aurelia, or is there because she is observing Aurelia?

    In the first case it makes all the first half moot, as Aurelia is in the Lamare provincial army, her rank is precisely a general and her strength is renowned through Erebonia (which makes her pretty much the constant center of attention). Not to say her resistance in Ordis would be very much against her interest then, and she seems to know Zechs, who seems like high enough in the ranking to know about the real Ein.

    If it’s the second, then I don’t understand the reason why she is observing her. With her strength, I could believe she might have a hidden stigma, like we suspect Gaius, but there is nothing much besides.

    1. Not that she is Aurelia, but that she’s wearing a uniform similar to Aurelia’s, so she’s likely an officer in the provincial army somewhere- likely Sutherland- and currently active in western Erebonia.

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