[Admin] Welcome to Delicious Crack no Kiseki, Now Hosted on esterior.net!

Welcome to the new home of Delicious Crack no Kiseki!

A New Home

In order to move to a smaller, yet somewhat faster server, on top of centralizing all of the Falcom related websites, I have decided to move the site from the sanctuarycrew.com domain to the esterior.net domain. Here, it will be hosted alongside both Endless History, Geofront, and the archive site for Eidenyaku.

A project for the future may involve incorporating the sites together under one WordPress umbrella, but for the time being, they will happily remain separate, utilizing their own databases and so forth. A user account on one will not transfer over to the others. It will be a huge invasive update to every one of these websites, so I would prefer not to do that until activity on all of the sites begins to slow down a bit.

You can read about esterior.net on the page accessible from the main menu below the header. If anything happens regarding the hosting available esterior.net, please reach out to me via twitter (@omgfloofy), or on the contact form found on Endless History.

A New Editor

During the process of moving the site to its new home, it was also decided that Aliseyun would become one of the site’s editors. She introduced many of the theories on the site, and has been a very helpful part of all of the work on the back end. You can reach out to her on Discord, or via twitter, at @aliseyun.

A New System

The user submissions on the original site worked by filling out a contact form and dropping your theory concept there. This has been updated so that you will be able to have your theories properly credited to you! If you have previously submitted theories and would like the ‘author’ line to show your name instead of mine, register for an account, and let me know. I’ll happily switch your submitted posts over to show you as the author.

If you are not logged in, you won’t be able to see the form when submitting your question or theory on the page. This is, in order to create the post on the site, an account is required to be listed as an author. This will help for in the future if you wish to search for any theories that you, yourself, submitted.

For those who are worried about their contact info in my hands, all you need to register is a username and an email address. That’s it. I also don’t intend to sell your info- and I hope people know and expect that answer from me. Last, but not least, your login info is basically just kept to this site specifically. Because of this new system, the userlist has been wiped clean and you will need to re-register for the site. That can be done here.

A New Future

There are some minor things that are still waiting to be done, but they are also reliant on premium tools that I need money to purchase- and such things need to wait a bit, as they’re not 100% essential.

Some of these things will include a spoiler filtering system. The tagging system of the site will finally achieve its intended use, and you will be able to exclude posts using the tags of specific games, for example. This is still in the works.

Also, once there is more traffic to this site, a new method to display popular theories instead of recent theories will be on the sidebar.

The submission system will also eventually be upgraded to a ‘pro’ version, which will allow me to perform more customization to it. When this happens, you will also be notified of it, but it won’t be an immediate thing.

Last, but not least, there will almost always be tweaks to the site’s CSS. If suddenly something seems a little ‘out of place,’ it might have been shifted by some of the constant ‘under the hood’ work I do on my websites.

And as always, if you run into any issues with the site, please let me know. I will do what I can to fix it right away!

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