[Admin] Final Steps to Migration

For those who didn’t know, Delicious Crack no Kiseki is about to move to a new home: https://kisekicrack.esterior.net/, where it will share some space and the domain with Endless History and Geofront.

The post migration has been completed, and for the next few days, in order to finish some final touches and get some additional functions running on the site (it is having a big upgrade to the back end during this process!), the submission form and comments will be going offline here. This will be so that there will be no need to do any more migrations now that this step has completed.

I don’t expect this to take more than a few days, or a week, at the most. So the site will definitely be back before Sen no Kiseki III comes out!

There will also be a wonderful surprise announcement on the new version of the site. 😀

Thank you everyone for your support and your patience!

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