Duvallie (Sen II)

Duvalie’s problem with the Arseid family

Duvallie (Sen II)

Monday morning showers are perfect to rack your brain over unanswered questions in the Kiseki universe. The question that kickstarted my brain this morning is where Duvalie’s disgust for the Arseid family comes from. Among all the crackpot posted on this blog, this one is easily the most mundane.

Before her illustrous lord the Steel Maiden became the Steel Maiden, about whom I wrote something last week, she was the Lance Maiden, or Lianne Sandlot. Her fate is well-known among inhabitants of Legram and players of the first Cold Steel, which informed us that

the family line of Count Sandlot came to an end when she died under mysterious circumstances… after the War of the Lions.

She was the daughter of Count Sandlot, making her next in line to rule Legram after her father’s death. Unfortunately, she herself also met her maker at an early age. To keep Legram running, the second-in-command of her Eisenritter, the Viscount Arseid family, took over the ruling of Legram. However, she is still/again (pick one) alive and therefore, as Countess, the legitimate ruler of Legram.

So what’s in it for Duvalie? I guess she just wants justice. She would’ve made an excellent S.S.S. member.

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