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    1. Exactly. When I was working on editing the video based on that translation for Endless History’s Translation Tuesday, I saw that and was ‘hmm!’ over it.

      This definitely adds to the theory here! Good eye. 😀

  1. Good questions!

    Re:Dreichels, I still find Rean’s name odd enough to think he is the *rean*carnation of Dreichels. Both were very much a third wind during a civil war after a ruler was assassinated.

    Also, we don’t know what macabre experiments Osborne subjected Rean to, but I wouldn’t put forcing the Lionheart’s heart in Osborne’s baby boy to ‘cultivate’ his own legendary hero beyond the capabilities of the Black Workshop.

    And coincidentally, I just put my thoughts about the Steel Maiden on paper: https://kisekicrack.esterior.net/2016/10/01/the-undying-steel-maidens-secret/

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