The Grandmaster is Aeon Sophia

With the introduction of Gnostic elements during the Crossbell arc, Falcom opened a whole new can of worms for theorists to engage with. What follows is a translation of a brief Japanese theory that approaches each fan’s favourite issue – who is the Grandmaster? – from a Gnostic viewpoint.

According to the idea of ‘anti-cosmic dualism’ in Gnosticism, the present world appears to be the underworld created by the demiourgos known as Yaldabaoth, which in turn was produced by the aeon (superior God) Sophia. Isn’t it possible that the Grandmaster is similar to Sophia, the original Goddess?

In that case, is the purpose of the Grandmaster to retrieve the artifacts and demiourgos she herself created? And if this is, indeed, the underworld, how is the value of humanity’s spirit measured through these trials?

Source: Kamikouryaku.

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