The Second Grandmaster

Screenshot of Trails in the Sky SC‘s ending.

When one mentions the Grandmaster, another immediately thinks of the leader of Ouroboros. However, the universe of Kiseki is not limited to one Grandmaster; there is, in fact, a second one. Yet it is the first one we have a name and identity for.

Her name is Ein Selnert, better known as the source of inspiration of the eponymous heroine of book series Carnelia. Within the Gralsritter, the chivalric order of the Septian Church, this fine woman holds the rank of 総長 (souchou). This has thus far been translated as ‘secretary-general’ or ‘president’ within the Kiseki community. However, as its Japanese Wikipedia page specifies at the top of its list, the appropriate translation of 総長 within the context of a chivalric order is ‘Grand Master’. Whether Falcom also intends 総長 to be read as ‘Grand Master’ or prefers the German equivalent ‘Hochmeister’ – seeing Falcom opted for ‘Gralsritter’ rather than ‘Grail Knights’ – remains to be seen.

Ein, what dark secret do you hold for us? Or to put it in Campenalla’s words during his final showdown with Kevin at the end of Trails in the Sky SC: “Haha! Are the Gralsritter REALLY so different? I wonder.”

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