[Submitted Question] The Manufacturer of the Beowulf

Thanks to Manifla who submitted the site’s first question!

Since it does come across some spoiler details, I’m going to put the question behind the cut.

Is there anything said in Ao or in Crossbell Archives about the manufacturer of the Beowulf that Red Constellation makes use of? I suspect that it’s the Black Factory given what Sharon says to Claire in chapter 6 of Cold Steel, but I wouldn’t mind confirmation.

To be honest, I actually don’t recall seeing something of that in any of the books anywhere. It’s an interesting thought, and a great thing to jump off on, when really looking into this sort of thing.

I went to pick at Yotaka, since I figured he’d remember things better than me, and he had this to say:

According to Crossbell Archive, the Crois family apparently paid most of the costs for the airship but its stealth technology came from Ouroboros. Which suggests they probably bought it from the Black Factory.

So there’s definitely enough evidence to show that your theory holds weight.

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