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[Admin] New Tag: Sen no Kiseki III

It’s about damn time that we finally got this tag, especially as we are getting more and more Sen III related theories.

But why is it not called Trails of Cold Steel III? This is because as I state on the ‘search by title’ page, I have a setup going that the tags will switch to the English title once a localization has been announced, and I’d rather not let this give any chance for misleading- even if it’s most likely an eventuality.

[Admin] New Game Title Tags Added

Well, someone did it. It took one day for Yotaka someone to link in Tokyo Xanadu into a theory. Am I surprised?

Not at all. Not with some of the things I’ve heard as well.

Since it’s also in the recent post by Yotaka, I’ve added a link to Nayuta no Kiseki as well. If more theories for them pop up, they will be accessible from the ‘series title’ page.

Enjoy the crack!