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This is something that has been bugging me for awhile now, and due to my very limited knowledge of Japanese (specifically writing, I can understand a decent amount verbally)…I never actually found out if the game explained this one scene or not;

Hello! This is an interesting question that was submitted, especially because while discussing stuff on this exactly with Yotaka, I had logged into the site and found it. Let me see what I can come up with from it.

WARNING: There are major spoilers for Sen no Kiseki III in this post behind the cut!

Why did Gaius specifically contact Jusis first after returning from his Gralsritter?

(This gets kinda long, so I’ll put it under a cut…)

(Editor’s Note: I have taken care of this to hide spoilers underneath the cut.)

I recall other characters discussing prior to this how they haven’t heard from Gaius for a long time, and they couldn’t get in contact with him.

So when we do finally see someone get in contact with Gaius (or rather he contacts them)…it’s Jusis? One would normally expect Rean or Elliot given how they were kind of a trio in their own right for the first 2 games. Rean I can kinda get him not contacting, but why choose Jusis over Elliot as a first contact (especially when after Gaius’ intro chapter, he spends most of his screentime w/ Elliot or staying at Elliots house)?

(Now granted, I could still see Jusis to some extent, since I found if you followed Gaius & Jusis around specifically through all of CS1 & CS2, you’d see they actually hung out a surprisingly large amount after the Nord Chapter in CS1….But I’d still expect Rean or Elliot to be the 1st contact with Jusis maybe being 3rd.)

What’s more, is if I recall Gaius was suprised that Millium was with Jusis when he contacted him. This tells me he was specifically wanting to talk with Jusis only.

I also can’t recall for sure, but I don’t think Gaius actually contacted anyone else from Class VII prior to this, as I think they all had suprised reactions when they finally got to see/talk with him again later on. — Correct me if I am wrong on this.

I also found it odd that despite getting into contact w/ Gaius, neither Jusis nor Millium ever bring him up to Rean when they meet up with him. Despite everyone in Class VII wondering what happened to the guy & knowing that the rest of the class was at least in contact occasionally.

Granted maybe the game did actually have them mention Gaius, but given Rean’s reaction when Gaius saves them I don’t think that was the case? I don’t even recall Millium mentioning their call after being saved.

Also, if I recall Jusis is the one who brings up asking where Gaius had been for so long/what he’d been up to during the Class VII reunion scene (to which everyone else hops on board w/ the questions bc none of them know either). This tells me that Gaius never told him the answer, but I find it odd that Jusis apparently never asked that during their original convo in the first place? You’d think it’d be the first question after saying he’s glad to see him.

tl;dr — Did the game ever clarify…

  • If Gaius contacted anyone else in Class VII prior to Jusis?
  • If not, then did Jusis or Millium ever tell anyone Gaius contacted them?
  • If yes, then did the others ever mention being contacted by Gaius/Gaius mentioning he contacted them?
  • If Gaius’ did in fact contact Jusis first, why did he choose Jusis specifically?/Did Jusis or Millium ever bring the call up to anyone?

Sorry this is kinda long, I tried to shorten down my ramblings to be more cohesive, but that didn’t really work out all that well.

I’m mainly looking for clarification on these questions since I couldn’t understand everything being said in Sen3 when I played it; but if there is enough of a mystery behind it, feel free to use it as a theory too.

Okay, let’s see what I can come up with on this. Especially as I just got through this chapter in my replay of Sen no Kiseki III.

I don’t have a specific answer- I don’t recall that one was even really given.

What I can guess, however, is give the reminder that Gaius is now a Dominion. This means that not only does he now have access to resources and information that a Dominion would, but he can also be commanded by none other than Ein Selnate. We have already seen that Ein is more than happy to use existing relationships for the Gralsritter’s own goals (she did, after all, drive Elie and Ries to be friends so that Elie would have a contact with Crossbell’s mayor on the chance that an infiltration was needed), so I would not be surprised that Gaius’ friendship to the interim duke for one of the four great houses is something that is immensely useful to her and their goals overall.

Your recollections are correct, however. Gaius was ‘out of touch.’ When the rest of Class VII was in contact with each other thanks to the app developed for the ARCUS II, Gaius was still out of contact. Even in chapter 4, Elliot tries to get on his case about how worried they were for him (especially after you hear about an attack on Nord in chapter 1). Gaius even provides a very ‘Gralsritter-like’ non-answer, which both redirects to Rean and promises he’ll tell them what happened eventually. (Like the infamous, “I’ll explain later” of the Doctor Who series.)

This was a great question, though, and it made me realize some things about Gaius’ new affiliation that I didn’t even think of before.

I think, in the end, you’re right. Once Gaius was done with his training, he was sent to go back to Erebonia- clearly, they were in a rush, because we know that he had, more or less, a crash course and that he was still in the process of learning to use his stigma during his appearance in Sen III. When he came back to Erebonia, he couldn’t waste time- and instead of contacting the others in Class VII, he reached out immediately to Jusis, who was going to be going to Lamarre for the nobles committee event. This would explain why he was surprised at Millium’s presence with Jusis. I do think, however, that the others eventually learn somewhere about Gaius reaching out to Jusis first, at least.

This information was most likely because 1) a major event happening in Lamarre would draw the attention of activities, or 2) they are aware of movements that we don’t know about, considering that we saw Thomas working in Heimdallr with Vita at the start of chapter 4.

I am strongly of the opinion that Gaius is not telling us everything that has happened and what is happening and what he’s doing and plans to do, as I wrote an entire post about this specifically.

Regardless, feel free to add a comment if there are things I missed and didn’t fully clarify.

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