Empress of Certain Death

Another episode of “Guess the Enforcer”, this time with information gained from Sen no Kiseki III, focusing on the mysterious number III.

In Sen III, Sharon tells the story of her joining Ouroboros, she was part of a group of assassins, which was destroyed by Ouroboros. She and two other members then joined Ouroboros. One of these two became the Fourth Anguis, “Thousand Sinner”, and the other became the Third Enforcer, “Golden Butterfly”.

From this statement we can gather a few things. The first thing is that the third enforcer is likely not younger than Sharon. They are also probably in a position that would give off no clue that they are an assassin, a position that doesn’t involve a lot of killing, like how Sharon was a maid. This rules out Aurelia as a candidate for the position.

My idea for the Third Enforcer is Empress Priscilla Reise Arnor, and no, the reasoning is not because the third tarot is ‘The Empress’.

Looking at the readings for the Empress card, she clearly fits the upright meanings of maternity etc, but that’s easy and boring, so lets focus on the reverse reading.

A reverse reading of the empress suggests a “loss of personal power” due to focusing too much on another person’s emotional or physical needs. This makes sense for her, as given her position as Empress, anything she wishes to do likely has to get approved by the Emperor. It can also represent not being able to express your true thoughts and feelings, and having to bottle them up. Once again this fits her perfectly, because as the Empress she has to side with what the Emperor says, even if she may personally disagree.

In conclusion, I think it would open up a ton of exciting possibilities for her to be an Enforcer, and I hope Falcom agrees.

Also– There is no way the lace design near her breasts is just some sort of coincidence here…

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