[User Submitted Question] Makarov’s Supposed Past Affiliation


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This question was submitted by Lee and asks about Makarov and his connections.

On the last battle of CS2, there is a scene where Makarov seemed to insinuate that Thomas is hesitating or not being 100% in giving it all he’s got. I don’t remember the detail of what he said but I feel that he knew Thomas’s real identity. I wonder should we expect something from Makarov or his past affiliation? Or maybe he’s also living a double life?

Response by Aliseyun:

Well from Cold Steel II we know that Makarov used to study under Professor Schmidt, but that doesn’t help much here. We know that during the finale of CS1, Thomas is asked about his arts capabilities, so at that point everyone knows he’s hiding something. While it is possible he has a double life, there’s little foreshadowing in that direction, and I’d say his knowledge is more associated with his past affiliation. If you really want to speculate you can make the claim that he is with the Black Workshop, but once again there’s nothing really to support it yet.

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