Vive Memor Mortis

Hello! Aliseyun here with my first self-published theory: “Live Mindful of Death”, a collection of ideas of how a certain character managed to cheat death. I was going back and forth on whether or not to even post this one due to my uncertainty about it, but I decided why not.

Broken Theory Notes (added by Aliseyun 10/11/2017)
While it is true Osborne did not die from the shot, none of the hypothesis were correct, it is because he had already transplanted his own heart into Rean.


Star Door 2 in Trails in the Sky the 3rd seems to hint at the possibility of resurrection in the series, so when a certain character should have been dead, but later turned out to be alive and well, it was a natural connection to draw. Yet what if this character never died to begin with? The man in question is of course, the one and only Giliath Osborne. There are a few possibilities for this:

I. The “Foresight” Hypothesis

At the end of Sen II, after it is revealed that Osborne is alive and well, Vita Clotilde comes to the realization that he has taken control of one of the Thirteen Factories, the Black Workshop. This gives rise to a number of possibilities. The Black Workshop is responsible for producing many different types of weaponry for Ouroboros, one of which, while unconfirmed, is predicted to be the sniper rifle that Crow used to shoot Osborne. If this is indeed true, then Osborne would know about the impending assassination attempt, and give him ample time to prepare.

II. The “Future Planning” Hypothesis

This scenario is probably the most disliked of the possibilities by many, but it is a very real possibility. Similarly to the “Foresight” hypothesis, this one also relies on Osborne’s control of the Black Workshop, except in this case he used the technology that created Millium and Altina to create clone bodies of himself.

III. The “Vampirism” Hypothesis

The last scenario I will be exploring is, unlike the other two, not dependent on Osborne’s control of the Black Workshop. In Red Moon Rose, we learn that only weapons “Blessed by the Church” (Which all happen to be made of silver) are lethal to Vampires. So, if Osborne is a vampire (or even part vampire), a normal bullet would not be lethal to him.

In addition to these there is also a hypothesis which revolves around Zoro-Agruga (like most of my theories), but that one is large enough to get its own post, so I will save it for another time.

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