Sen no Kiseki, Chapter 6.

Giliath Osborne-Reise Arnor

Sen no Kiseki, Chapter 6.
Sen no Kiseki, Chapter 6.

Giliath Osborne is a mysterious man. We know he is terribly good at his work, but know how little about his situation at home. Yes. Have you even imagined who would bring  Osborne in his pyjama in front of the hearth his beloved Decaffeinato Intenso? 

Probably a maid. The point is, however, that Osborne possibly married into the Imperial Family. If you talk to Calmin, Owner Hammond’s apprentice at Sorcière Restaurant in Bareahard during Trails of Cold Steel II‘s Final Act, he says the following:

I mean, the Cayenne household’s powerful enough to have marital ties to the Imperial family! In that sense, Duke Cayenne’s basically the noble version of Chancellor Osborne!

As usual, this raises more questions than it answers. Does Eugent III have a sister and was it her? Is she still alive and if so, where is she? If not, did she die during the Hundred Day War? Did Osborne know about Dreichels’ ties with Valimar — the answer to ‘did Osborne know’ is always ‘yes’, by the way — and cultivate his son that way on purpose? Why isn’t Sen no Kiseki III out yet?

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