[Submitted Question] About that Theory of Rean in Sen no Kiseki III…

Oh boy, I love answering questions on my theories. That basically forces me to re-evaluate them, and that’s how you test them! So thank you for the submission!

Today’s question comes from Neko_Isabelle!

As this plays along a theory that pulls in info from other games, this will contain multiple series spoilers.

The question and my answer are both under the cut!

Some questions about resurrection and the theories on Sen no Kiseki III…
Hello! After reading your very interesting theories about Sen no Kiseki III, I’d like to ask you some questions…
– How do you think Crow could be resurrected -which leads to the question: how did Osborne survive that bullet? Could Crow be kept in a kind of stasis in Ordine while Rean tries to find a way to revive him? Both the Septian Church and the Zephyr jaegers seems to have some ideas about the way to revive an individual, I believe?
– If Lianne Sandlot is still alive under the nale Arianrhod, why not Dreichels -and could Osborne actually be Dreichels? It could in some way explain why Rean was chosen as the next Ashen Awakener, too…
– Last but not least: even if Crow can be resurrected, do you think it will happen? Do you believe class VII will try to stop Rean from doing it, or on the contrary, will the revived Crow be an essential ally in the coming struggle?

Okay, time to take this on one part at a time.

1) We have no clue on the methods of resurrection, and I’m not even sure where to begin on this. The only hint that we have that it’s possible is that the Septian Church seems to be pretty clear on it being a possibility. However, I can also say that I’m not entirely sure the Septian Church is too keen on the concept.

The death of Rufina Argent was a big deal to the church, per Ein in 3rd. I think if she were that great of a loss, and it wasn’t a terrible risk in some way or another, either the church, or the Gralsritter in this case, would have taken the chance to resurrect her.

As such, I think resurrection comes with a great sacrifice/problem to it, and it’s not something the church approves of. On top of that, the death of a loved one is a theme in this series with the main protagonists. We’d have seen options brought forward if resurrection was a good thing, rather than just that it’s about time someone copes and moves on afterwards.

2) …that is actually an interesting thought on Dreichels. I might have to throw this at Yotaka and Guan to see what they think about it. I’ll even invite them to add their own notes to this- most likely in the comments? We have no real background on Osborne and whatnot, so I’m not sure I can say one way or another.

What I think I can get at is if it’s the case, then something terrible happened anyway to see him and Arianrhod on two different sides now. So while it’s an interesting thought and not one I’d immediately dismiss, I’m not entirely sure what I think about it at the same time, but it’s definitely good thinking.

3) I do not think Crow will be resurrected. A theme in this series is to move on from a death. Estelle, Kevin, and Lloyd all have had major deaths in their lives and had to find some way to cope with it. The big difference we have with Rean from the other main protagonists of the series is that we actually got to experience the death that would change him happen on screen in front of us.

Class VII is going to have a big part in making sure Rean does just that- move on and live his life for himself. Not for another.

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