[Submitted Question] Request for Serious Thoughts Re: Towa

Sorry for the HUGE delay on this! I completely forgot about the submission section for a (long) bit!

Sacheverell asked a question regarding theories about Towa.

This falls into Cold Steel and Cold Steel II spoilers, at the very least. See below the cut for more detail!

I understand that there is already an theory for Towa. But that seem to be mostly silly. Is there serious evidence that there is more to Towa than it seems? I kinda find it hard to believe that Crow’s secret went under her nose in the end of the first Cold Steel/Sen.

Response by Yotaka:

Since it was my crack theory, I’ll field this one. Despite the very blatant nods to Nayuta no Kiseki and her alternate universe counterpart from Tokyo Xanadu, there is no actual evidence that there’s anything more to Towa than she appears. Of all the secret identities we could imagine her to have, by the end of Cold Steel II none of the possibilities makes much sense and we don’t have any serious reason to think that she’s hiding something.

As for missing Crow’s secret, she’s so busy with her work, her classes and restraining Angelica’s antics that she just didn’t pick up on it. In this she’s not alone; Sara (a former A-rank bracer) didn’t figure it out either and even Millium and Claire didn’t put all the pieces together until it was too late to make a difference and they were actively looking for evidence of a connection between C and Thors.

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