Sen II Crossbellan War

Hopes and expectations for Sen III to crush

In a thread of NeoGAF, expectations for what Sen no Kiseki III would or could have to offer were summed up and discussed. I added my own expectations to the list and per request decided to publish them here as well. It’s not a particularly profound analysis; mostly an elaborate brain fart that occurred during my break at work.

Sen II Crossbellan War

Summer of S.1205: Calvard concludes it can’t fight Erebonia on the Crossbellan border and ponders alternatives. Liberl stays points to the non-aggression pact they signed with Calvard and Erebonia and stays neutral. The alternative is through is a guerrilla attack on the Zender Gate through the Nord Highlands.

During the guerrilla attack, Gaius’ hometown — located in the middle between the highlands, where it was during Cold Steel — gets detroyed and several people get killed. Returning from a mission home, the peace-loving Gaius’ world sees his home burning and his world crumbles. His Stigma awakens in the vicinity of the statue in north Nord Highlands and becomes the 11th Dominion. He is welcomed to the Gralsritter by Barkhorn and welcomed in Arteria.

Sen II Rean Thomas

Rean strikes a deal with Dominion. He lends them his strength and Ashen Knight required to find the Erebonian Sept-Terrion, in exchange he wants them to spill the secrets on reincarnation. In the process, he learns he himself was a reincarnation of Dreichels and named as such (リィン/リンカーネイション, ‘Reancarnation’). This leads him to the secrets of the Black Factory, which pre-dates the Great Collapse, in which homonculus like Altina and Orion were crafted. Kevin had learnt about these possibilities during his research of Weissmann, after which he requested the use of the Salt bolt.

Through his collaboration, Rean succeeds in reviving his friend. Together with the 2nd Dominion, they start assembling the pieces to locate the Sept-Terrion. For one of them, they need to collect the seven Divine Knights (and have them do a synchronised dance, I have no idea) since these are each a fragment of the Sept-Terrion of Fire.


Before the Septian Church manages to secure the Sept-Terrion, a fission among the religious stable organisation occurs. Barkhorn, the 8th Dominion, reveals himself as the 5th Anguis. He also reveals he was responsible for the Salt Pillar incident, ridiculing the Church to have him report his findings at the time. Ein, the first Dominion, shows up, proclaiming she knew all along about his double role and the confidential information he has whispered in the Grandmaster’s ear. Ein confirms she knows the Grandmaster and what she is aiming for, and knows what her goal cannot be reached without all seven Sept-Terrion. Doesn’t elaborate on this, which means the seventh Sept-Terrion is in the basement under Arteria. She rather knows where they are, even in Ouroboros possession, than them missing. With the growing tensions between the nations, the Dominion start to fall apart.

Sen II Vita Barrier

Then Kevin shows up and hunts down Osborne in a similar fashion as Weissmann. He retrieves the artifacts Osborne has assembled over the years.

Ouroboros uses this opporunity to launch their large-scale counter-attack to complete an adjusted Phantasmal Blaze Plan to obtain the remaining two Sept-Terrion. They learnt about the second Erebonian Sept-Terrion through Barkhorn via 2nd Dominion. Campanella and Arianhrod return to Erebonia and deploy their respective forces, the Jester corps and Stahlritter to oppose the Imperial army divisions. A world war follows.

I don’t know, man. Stupid game changer.

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