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Is Rufina’s Importance Only Relevant to 3rd?

This is an observation that was made quite some time ago by YagamiKyo. However, due to lack of time on his part, I’ve chosen to post it on here for him, since it’s too good (and important) of an observation to not include on this website.

Please note, there are major endgame spoilers for Ao no Kiseki in this observation, which will spoil all of the Crossbell duology. Thus it has been tagged with both Zero and Ao no Kiseki.

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The Self-Consuming Serpent

Submitted by Aliseyun

Since the times of Ancient Egypt there have been depictions of a serpent holding its tail in its mouth. The interpretation of the ancient Egyptian symbol is that it represents the cyclical nature of a year, a process that continues infinitely. The head of the serpent bringing the dawn of a new age, while the tail, which represents times past, is consumed. Bringing this into Kiseki terms…who is the harbinger of a new age, the head of the infinite serpent?

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