A Curse Broken

An observation from the Sen IV Web CM

While watching the Sen IV web CM, there was one image that caught my eye, it was this: At first I thought that due to the horn it was perhaps Argreion’s second form, but then Yotaka thought that it might be a holy beast, and then it hit me, it’s the uncursed form of the Nameless One.

The green circle shows that the horns of the Nameless One match up with the “ears” of our mystery beast. The yellow on the mystery beast marks the base of a giant horn, and on the Nameless One we see a spot where a horn might have been broken off, or grown out of. The red shows almost the exact same “whisker” pattern on both. The blue shows a similar shoulder feature on both, and the magenta shows a four-fingered claw on both.

So yeah, It’s the Earth Holy Beast. If I had to guess I’d say based on the shape of its head it’s a fox, but that’s just a guess.

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