Sacellum of our Goddess

Since the start of the series, we’ve been told the story of the Sept-Terrion, how Aidios handed them down to humanity. And like the perfect little sheeple Falcom wanted us to be, we believed every word of it.

In the First arc of the series, we were introduced to two groupings of the seven elements, the higher and lower elements. In the Second arc of the series we are shown what happens if you fuse the Sept-Terrion of the three higher elements, absolute control of Causality.

In the third and current arc, things are a bit different. We aren’t shown what happens when you fuse the four lower elements, but we are shown what happens when you fuse two of them, fire and earth, and that is the Great One. The first thing that probably comes to mind with the fusion is the Great Twilight, but it’s important to note that the Great Twilight, the Curse, is not the power of Fire and Earth itself. The power of Fire and Earth is the Great Power, and the question is, what “power” is it? A motif that we have seen is that Fire + Earth = Steel, or in this case the Divine Knights. In addition, control of fire, and abundance of natural resources (Earth) are integral to the success of any civilization, and for that reason I’m going to say that the “Great Power” is absolute control of Creation.

We do not know if we will see a treasure fusion in the fourth arc, but I’m going to assume that we will, and in this case it will be the remaining two elements, Wind and Water. Sort of like how the obvious answer to mixing fire and earth is metallurgy, the obvious answer to mixing water and wind is a giant hurricane. Wind and water are both elements of erosion, or destruction, and with the destructive force of a hurricane to add to it, I’m going to say that the fusion of wind and water is absolute control of Destruction.

Continuing on from this, if you were to fuse all seven treasures, you’d have an object which exerts absolute control over Causality, Creation, and Destruction. At this point, the object sounds a lot like the power of a god, doesn’t it?

So now, where does Aidios fit in? There’s only one place she can fit in, and that’s as the being whose power is the fusion of the seven treasures.

But what if Aidios isn’t a “Goddess” at all? What if the fusion of the seven treasures itself, this all-powerful object, is in fact Aidios? We know that the Demiourgos was able to communicate with the Sept-Terrion, suggesting that they are all sentient, would this object not be sentient as well?

But most importantly, if Aidios was a Goddess, why are there no records of her even existing prior to the Great Collapse?

We know that the Ancient Civilization in Zemuria was technologically advanced, but what if they were so technologically advanced that they could control the universe itself, that they could create an object to do such?

After creating this power, perhaps they feared it too much, and decided to split it into seven pieces. These pieces, while separate, were linked to each other.

And then in the Year S.0, one of the seven gained sentience, and due to this link between them, it spread to the other 6, which brought about the destruction of the ancient civilizations.

So, to answer the question of why nothing on Aidios exists before the collapse, there is a famous quote by Science Fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, it goes: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  The word “magic” is often replaced with “God”, and that’s what I’m getting at here.

To a post collapse civilization with no technology, a reality controlling AI would appear as a “God”.

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