Sen III’s New Questions

A list of some of the new questions brought up in Sen III, sorted by topic. May be updated in the future.

Translated from Kamikouryaku
Last Updated: Publishing Date


Rean Schwarzer
  1. We learn that Rean has the heart of Osborne, and from what McBurn told us, that heart is what gives him his “mixed” power. But what does it mean to be “mixed”, and what does this mean for Osborne?
Musse Egret (Mildine Cayenne)
  1. When did she begin working with Vita Clotilde, and what are their goals?
  2. How was Musse able to predict the course of the Northern War, as well as Aurelia being appointed Headmaster at Thors II.
Giliath Osborne
  1. Was he immortal before he gave his heart to Rean, or was he revived shortly after, and then became immortal?
  2. Given that his heart caused Rean to gain his Ogre powers, is there more to Osborne’s special abilities than just immortality?
  3. How and when did Osborne become the Awakener of the Black Knight, Ishmelga.
Black Alberich (Franz Lugman)
  1. For what purpose has he decided to work with Osborne?
  2. While he implies that he is not immortal, he talks as if he has lived hundreds of years, even giving technology to groups during the Dark Ages. How can this be?


Black Workshop
  1. What is its relation to the other members of the Thirteen Factories?
Society of Ouroboros
  1. Why did Bleublanc side with Vita?
  2. Who is the fourth Anguis, “Thousand Sinner”?
  3. Who is the third Enforcer, “Golden Butterfly”?
  1. Who is Gaius’ Squire?
  2. Can stigmata just be transferred? Or is there more to what happened with Barkhorn?


  1. When the two civilizations regretted their actions and made peace, why did the giant gods not stop their fighting?
  2. Can the Great One be split into the two treasures again?
  3. Why is the Great Twilight necessary to reform the Great One?
Holy Beasts
  1. Following the collapse, we know the Earth Beast became the Nameless One, but what about the Fire Beast, where are its whereabouts?
  2. Roselia describes Zoro-Agruga as a “kin” of the Nameless One. What does this mean?
Deus Excellion
  1. Who is the Awakener of the Palatinate Knight, Zector?
  2. Who is the Awakener of the Gold Knight?
  3. How was the curse lifted from Testa-Rossa?
  4. How will the Knights be used to reform the Great Power?
Black Records
  1. Who wrote the original Black Records? And how was it duplicated into the copies we collect throughout Erebonia?


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