Five Treasures, Five Names, Five Beasts

Since I just had so much fun predicting the unpredictable with my Enforcer theory, I figure I might as well do one more. So submitted for your entertainment, my predictions for the names and titles (and even a stab at the Japanese renderings just for fun) of all five unknown Sept-Terrion.

To frame things, the two we’ve seen so far are Space in the form of Aureole the Shining Ring (輝く環オーリオール) and Mirage in the form of Demiourgos the Hollow God (虚ろなる神デミウルゴス). Now let’s see about the rest:

Earth: Akupara the Immortal Foundation (常世たる礎アクーパーラ)

For Earth, an obvious choice would be ‘Yggdrasil’ since the Master Arts card for the element shows an enormous tree and we’ve already had the name used as a powerful offensive Art across two arcs so Falcom’s clearly thought about the idea. But really, it’s too obvious and I think the fact that the name’s been used already means they’re not going to use it again for something so important. Also, the most recent Sept-Terrion we’ve knowingly seen took the form of a tree (or at least, its power manifested that way, the treasure itself wasn’t the tree) and I don’t think they’re going to repeat the motif so blatantly. Instead I’m going to predict a reversal of the obvious interpretation; the tree on the card is the sacred beast and the turtle is a representation of the Sept-Terrion. As the Master Art image immediately puts one in mind of Discworld and the mythologies it borrowed from, I’m going to call this one as Akupara. It’s the Hindu take on the idea of a world-supporting turtle, though I reserve the right to claim I was right if they use the variant name Chukwa or they call it Kurma, an avatar of Vishnu in the form of a turtle. And I’m going to predict this treasure has power over growth and fertility, a la the Mask of the Sun from earlier versions of Ys IV. And that it’s located in Calvard and will be the next treasure we learn about after we’re through with Erebonia.

Water: Urdarbrunnr the Sacred Well (神聖の泉ウルザルブルン)

For Water, I’m operating on the assumption that it’s one of the Erebonian treasures (based on Guan’s observation that there’s a statue in the seaport city of Ordis that resemble the Master Art card for the element) and consequently looked to that as my starting point. While the series uses influences from all over the world (and beyond) Erebonia does have a relatively clear-cut emphasis on Germanic motifs so it wouldn’t be a stretch for one of the Empire’s two treasures to have a name drawing from that body of mythology. So, with that I predict that this treasure will be Urdarbrunnr. Heimdallr and Ymir already takes their names from the same body of mythology and that particular well also fits the Master Art iconography in the form of the Norns and meshes nicely with the idea that the second treasure possesses ‘unparalleled fortitude’. I’m going to operate on the assumption that my Beryl theory is correct and thus, she’s the figure depicted and the sacred beast associated with the treasure, taking a human form.

Fire: Dyrnwyn the Bounteous Sword (天恩の愛剱ディルヌウィン)

Now on to the really obvious one, Fire. We know Erebonia has this one and we can reasonably assume it’s the one possessing ‘unrivalled courage’; the Japanese could also be read as simply ‘unrivalled power’ or ‘furious strength’ or words to those effects. Continuing with the assumption that Master Art cards are important, in this one we get some obvious iconography including a flaming sword held by a crowned man. Also operating on the assumption that the Divine Knights are being empowered by this treasure (the doors that are part of their Trials have flame iconography after all, and it just fits thematically) I found a nice match in Welsh mythology. The sword Dynwyn belonged to a legendary king who was famous for granting the blade to anyone who asked to borrow it and the ‘fire’ connection comes from how the blade was said to burst into flame if a righteous man drew it. This fits the idea of the Divine Knight trials as tests for would-be Awakeners who are essentially borrowing their power for a time. I think the flaming butterflies (and the reference to the ‘crimson spirit veins’) are this Sept-Terrion’s interface with the world and given the massive emphasis that Erebonia has placed on lion imagery (Thors’ symbol, Dreichels’ nickname, Loewe…) that the associated sacred beast is a lion.

9/16/17 Edit: Based on andi’s submitted question about references to Lord of the Rings in Kiseki and the huge number of new LotR references revealed by the map of western Erebonia, I’m adding a secondary guess that if the name isn’t Dyrnwyn it’s going to be Anduril (アンドゥリル), Aragorn’s reforged sword whose name means ‘Flame of the West’. If this turns out to be the case, all credit should go to andi for putting the thought in my head.

Wind: Wadjet the All-seeing Eye (全知なる眼ウアジェト)

Ahh Wind, the one with the ridiculously abstract Master Art card. Is that an eye? A compass? And just what’s up with the helix? Well, the latter might be a stylized representation of a breeze. I’m going to assume an eye motif and, looking for inspiration, came across Wadjet, the Egyptian goddess whose name means ‘green one’ and whose symbol is an eye, which would later be known as the Eye of Horus, associated with the sky god. Yes, that’s a complex chain of relations to get to ‘wind’ but I think you’ll agree that didn’t have much to work with here. I am however going to also guess that this Sept-Terrion has some sort of power relating to navigation and finding one’s way (the possible compass imagery along with the eye and a natural association with ‘wind’) but I’m not even going to try and guess what form its worldly interface might take. Though I am going to assume that its sacred beast is a serpent, since that’s associated with Wadjet. And for one last prediction, that this Sept-Terrion is located in eastern Zemuria.

Time: Kairos the Divine Moment (運命の刹那カイロス)

And lastly we have Time. This one I’m especially proud of as I found a word that I think is absolutely perfect for this treasure. Kairos is Greek and means ‘the opportune moment’ or ‘the supreme moment’, an indefinite period in time when something of significance takes place or the time when one must seize an opportunity in order to succeed. Christian theology adopted the term and uses it to designate, among other things, the moment in which God acts in some way. All of these sound ideal for a divine treasure granting dominion over the concept of time itself. So, that’s what I’m anticipating for its name. I’m also going to predict that it is related in some way to the ‘Grail of the Stars’ that the Gralsritter are named for, iconography of which can be seen in the Grail Burst spell from CS2 (which is of the ‘Star’ element which includes Time in its makeup) and as a bonus prediction, that the Stigma are its means of interacting with the world, albeit in a somewhat more restricted but spectacular manner than the others we’ve seen so far. It would certainly play nicely with the theory that the Dominion are all part of a cycle of resurrection, which is why there are never more than twelve at any one time. By extension, I do not think this treasure has an associated guardian beast, because the Dominion are (whether knowingly or not) already carrying out the same function on a grand scale.


Now, do I think I’ve gotten even one of these? Not really. We knew about Aureole from almost the start of FC but there’s nothing obvious in the Sky games that would have let us predict its name in advance if people hadn’t already known it to tell us. In retrospect if I’d paid a ton of attention during Zero I might have made the leap that the ‘D’ in D∴G and the ‘True God <D>’ was really a Sept-Terrion and put together all the Gnostic references and gone looking for appropriate words starting with that letter but… the odds aren’t good. So trying to predict the names of five treasures sight unseen is a fool’s errand, but that’s why it’s so fun. And I really do like Kairos as the name for the Sept-Terrion of Time so if I get even one right and it’s that one I’ll be very happy.

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