The Self-Consuming Serpent

Submitted by Aliseyun

Since the times of Ancient Egypt there have been depictions of a serpent holding its tail in its mouth. The interpretation of the ancient Egyptian symbol is that it represents the cyclical nature of a year, a process that continues infinitely. The head of the serpent bringing the dawn of a new age, while the tail, which represents times past, is consumed. Bringing this into Kiseki terms…who is the harbinger of a new age, the head of the infinite serpent?

There seem to be two prevailing theories as to the identity of the Grandmaster. The first, is that it is the Septian Goddess of the Sky, Aidios. The second line of thought is that it is the Leader of the Septian Church’s Gralsritter, Ein Selnate. There are multiple points to support each of these. To start off with what we know, the Grandmaster is most likely female, as the Ouroboros Report Drama CD had a female voice actress portray the Grandmaster. Both candidates fit this, but to spice things up a bit, let’s throw both theories on their heads. What if both theories are right?

In order for both theories to be right, Ein Selnate must be Aidios, and also the Grandmaster of Ouroboros. So let’s start with what makes Ein special, she is the only Dominion to have mastered their Stigma. So now how do we connect this to the Goddess? Well, there can be no more than 12 Dominion at one time, and I assert these spots correspond to the Tribes of Israel from the Hebrew Bible. In one of these tribes, the Tribe of Judah, a boy named David was born. It was said that he was handpicked by God to become Israel’s greatest king.

So what does this have to do with Kiseki? We can think of the Stigma as markings of one of Aidios’ “tribes”, or as I shall call them, her “children”. These marks grant her children special powers, the powers of a Goddess, and only one who masters this power is qualified to sit upon her divine throne.

This begs another question though, why is a successor needed? As previously postulated by Guan, the Great Collapse was caused by the Sept-Terrion gaining sentience, but why did they gain sentience? The Sept-Terrion are portions of Aidios’ power, and if she were to say, perish, such power would go awry. In order to combat this, prior to her death, she split her remaining power into the Stigmata, and the one who would master it would become her successor.

In mastering her Stigma, Ein has become qualified to take the place of Aidios. Only one thing is left for her to do, reclaim the lost fragments of her power, the Sept-Terrion.

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