[Submitted Theory] Jusis Becoming the Next Duke Albarea

Proven Theory notes below the cut.

On 2/11, Danny R submitted a theory that suggests that Rufus is training Jusis to become the next Duke Albarea.

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Proven Theory Notes (Added by Floofy) (8/14/2017)

Falcom has released that Jusis will be acting as the Lord of the Kreuzen region during Sen no Kiseki III.

In Act 2 of Trails of Cold Steel 2, Princess Alfin points out that it is a boon to Erebonia that the Azure Tree appears in Crossbell at the same time Erebonia is in the middle of an intense civil war. Calvard will not invade Erebonia until the tree (and Crossbell in general) is docile.

When Jusis told Rean about his plans to take over the Kruezan Province, I thought to myself, “My, isn’t it a lovely coincidence that Jusis is ready to take over the province just as new leadership is needed.”




Nothing is coincidence in Kiseki!

Rufus Alberea, the man who has been an Ironblood for an unknown amount of time, just happens to be the new governor-general of Crossbell while Duke Albarea sits in house arrest for war crimes. Leaving Jusis the only Albarea that can govern the region.

As Duke Cayenne states, “It was only a matter of time until [Rufus] became the next Duke Albarea!” I don’t think Rufus ever had the intention to succeed his father. Rufus wanted more. Just like Cao, Rufus is a highly intelligent individual capable of making the most out of any hand he’s dealt. Running the Kruezen Province would be boring for someone of Rufus’s caliber.
Thus, Rufus works for Osborne as an Ironblood, to learn from the best politician in the Trails series (that we’ve seen as of now) and to gain power. However, that would leave the Kruezen Province without anyone to succeed the duke. Oh wait, there is one person who can also claim succession of the Albarea house: Jusis.

Now who was it that let Jusis into the family? Rufus. Let’s look how Rufus treats Jusis throughout this duology. Time and again in Cold Steel 1, Rufus tells Jusis he needs to be ready to make his own independent actions. In Cold Steel 2, Rufus encourages Jusis to take on their misguided father. Rufus states (roughly) that he’s ‘curious to the see how [Jusis] handle this’.
Rufus has been training Jusis to become the next Duke Albarea.
Did Rufus bring in Jusis all those years ago knowing that he would eventually become the first governor-general of Crossbell? Most likely not. Did Rufus’s investment in Jusis pay off? Most definitely.

With the family succession secured, Rufus can dedicate his entirety to working with Osborne to secure all the power he could get. And what did Rufus get? Governance of the most unstable and volatile city-state in the entire continent.

Now all eyes are on Rufus to unleash his full potential. I hope that we won’t be disappointed.

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