The Whereabouts of Water

“Other Illustrations”, Crossbell Archives. p. 307. Click to enlarge.

What if the Aureole was not the first Sept-Terrion to appear in modern times? This is what Aliseyun questions in this submitted theory on everyone favourite conversation starter: the Pillar of Salt.

Going down the list of Sept-Terrion we haven’t seen yet… Where does water fit in? We know fire is in Erebonia, and I subscribe to the theories that wind is in Nord, earth in Calvard, and time in Arteria, but after putting these together in my head, I could not figure out where water could be found, unless that is, it had already been found.

When you eat foods that are salty, you often find yourself thirsty as a result, this is because the salt effectively dehydrates you, so you drink water to overpower the effect of the salt. This can also be done in reverse, if you feel bloated from drinking too much water, you can eat salty foods, which will help you feel better. So how would you deal with a huge, possibly limitless amount of water? You would need a huge, possibly limitless amount of salt.

Pillar of Salt

That brings me to the North Ambrian Disaster, the Salt Pillar Incident. What we know is that the pillar appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and it was enormous, so tall it would pierce the clouds above. Even as the pillar began to decay, the “salt hurricane” it created salinified everything within reach. Hidden in the core of this seemingly infinite salt source, laid the Sept-Terrion of Water.

The church sent a Dominion in the vicinity to investigate the Pillar of Salt, said Dominion was Barkhorn (who is suspicious in his own right). Yotaka has raised the possibility of Barkhorn being an Anguis of Ouroboros, so this begs the question, who got the Sept-Terrion: the Gralsritter or Ouroboros?

If we are to argue that Ouroboros was the side that got the Sept-Terrion, how were they able to extract it from the pillar? The most likely possibility is that their method of obtaining it was related to the Divergent Laws, and that they were somehow able to avoid the salinification.

Pillar of Salt (Stored)

However, if Ouroboros did not obtain it, then it is likely still within the core of the pillar, safeguarded deep inside of Arteria. In Star Door 2 of Trails in the Sky The 3rd, we are told it is not a Sept-Terrion, and that the church does not know what the pillar is, but would the church not try to keep such crucial details hidden, only accessible to its most upper echelons?

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