The Age of the Grancel Cathedral

This is a collaborative effort between myself, Guan, and Yotaka where we’ve found a discrepancy on the age of the Grancel Cathedral, compared to the age of the Septian Church as a whole.

Guan and I’ve been trying to research a project of late, and recently our work brought us to a Chinese forum. While we were picking our way through the messages, I spotted a single line that had me very curious:

S 82年 -利贝尔王都格兰赛尔设立七耀教会大圣堂
( 王都利瓦尔牧师证明,1202年是七耀教会成立的1120周年。)

I don’t know Chinese, but my knowledge of Japanese helped me recognize a few key things.

  • “Year S 82”
  • “Septian Church”
  • “1120 Anniversary”

This is very wrong due to what we know of the Septian Church. (More age discrepancies! Ein claims the Grals Ritter were founded ‘1000 years ago’ – which would place them around S 200, and many in-game records place the Septian Church being founded around S500.) Why would one of the cathedrals predate the formation of the church??

With this, we decided to begin the process of tracking down this source.

Guan scoured his scripts, and found the Japanese lines in question. With that done, we needed to find the scene itself to validate it. That’s where Yotaka’s help came in. He went through his save files until he found the scene in question – and unsurprisingly, it has a very tiny window of opportunity.

When you finish the last day of the tournament in Grancel, just after Olivier is taken away, and you need to get to the castle, pass it up real quick, and take a quick detour to the church.

There, you’ll have the following conversation with the bishop:

I suppose all we need to do now is figure out how this fits in with the rest of the information we have. Why would a cathedral be built before either the Septian Church or even the Grals Ritter first existed?

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